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Wednesday, June 15, 2005
Good news/bad news on the vacation front
Good news: I've got seven days off work for FantAsia Film Festival goodness.

Bad news: It's in Montreal. Which isn't bad news per se - I gather it's a beautiful, fun city where the bars are open much later than they are in Boston - but apparently in the name of security, it's now apparently a lot more difficult to travel between Canada and the United States

Luckily, it doesn't seem to actually require a passport yet, but it does require a birth certificate. Which I should have from changing my name last year, but looking through the shoebox which contains my important papers, I can't find it. And, man, do I not want to talk to Doug about it.

This would be annoying for anybody under the best of circumstances, but geez... Proving my identity with a piece of paper? That whole concept seems mind-bogglingly obsolete to me. When the general public finds out about me and people like me, the whole idea is going to go out the window.

Sunday, June 12, 2005
Get back soon
Because, boy, it's not a whole bunch of fun having a boyfriend and not having him around. I'm trying to remember whether this bothered me so much when the shoe was on the other foot, and I shouldn't, should it? It's only been a couple years, after all. But sometimes it's like that.

I think it's worse. I wonder if I just get hornier or something. Conventional wisdom has always been that it's the guys who want it more, but that's just on average, right? Kate says I've still got a guy's sex drive, but that's hormones and stuff, nature as opposed to nurture. I keep meaning to ask Telly what Michelle used to be like in this regard, but it's a weird thing to ask your little brother, and I can't see how Michelle would have let him know whether she was sleeping with her boyfriends or not. And if she had that kind of reputation - which he's kind of alluded to - I kind of don't want to know. I want to be me, not her.

But, anyway, another hot weekend. It's the kind of weekend that makes me like a girl's clothing choices. I was hanging with Mags today, and while walking back to my place from the 3-D film festival at The Coolidge (Kiss Me Kate this afternoon), and she was saying it must be nice to go shirtless, but I asked her how many times she remembered Martin going shirtless in similar situations. Well, she said, we met in the winter and were broken up five months later, so it wasn't like she got much opportunity to see. Well, I said, you wouldn't have seen it much. I tell her that everyone talks about women having body image problems and it not being such a big deal for guys, but, you know, there are multiple ways for a girl to look good, and clothes built for each one of them. You get a little hair on your back or just a bit of a pot belly, and the shirt stays on. Guys, I tell her, have nothing like a halter top, which doesn't seem to get sweaty at all, and I (at least) remember always feeling goofy wearing sandals. And short shorts are pretty much a girl thing, too.

But, anyway, we do get to my place, and congratulate ourselves on having the foresight to mix up some limeade beforehand. Maureen said Chet had called a couple of times; he called again a half hour later, leading to no end of funny pantomimes from Mags.

Anyway, I'll skip over the kind of gooey stuff; there wasn't that much, anyway. He asked what was up, I told him. Then I kind of asked what his plans were for the rest of the summer. He said he wasn't sure; he hadn't lined up a real job, and in fact was wondering if I could take some vacation time. One of his cousins mentioned a sci-fi/fantasy/horror/Asian festival next month, and he thought that sounded like my thing. Have you ever actually gone to a festival, rather than attending ones in town?

Well, no. Sounds like fun. Okay, he says, I'll book the flight and hotel room. It'll be fun.

So, that's exciting. I told him to hold off until I see if I can get the time off at work, but it shouldn't be a problem - they've actually mentioned my vacation time doesn't roll over, anyway.

He'll be back next weekend. Looking forward to it.


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