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Thursday, January 12, 2006
I am technology's bitch
Although, using the word "bitch" to describe myself has a different connotation than it did in a former life. Let me re-iterate that I've been nothing but sweet and gregarious for the past week. Misha and Telly don't really get me being so excited about a job aside from the money being good, especially with the hours potentially being longer, the office being a pain in the neck to get to, and the work being harder. It's tough to explain to folks who haven't done this kind of work how exciting the challenge can be. It feels good to be working with my mind again; I even got a Mensa puzzle-a-day calendar to warm my brain up at the start of the day.

Got my laptop the other day, too. Typing on it right now. It took some doing, of course - I had to get a new wireless hub, then getting a wireless card for Gertie's machine, since we were both getting sick of wires leading from my bedroom to hers, taped to the ceiling, and sometimes drooping down and being a pain in the neck. Of course, Gertie decided this was my job despite my protests that I'm really not that good at the whole network thing. And, of course, she's got a Mac, the computer I inherited from Michelle is running Windows 95, the laptop's running XP Pro... Ugh.

Finally got that done last night, but when trying to set the Replay up tonight, I found it was nearly full, so I've been watching TV all night. It's minor-league annoying; the idea of one those things is to make it easier to watch things on one's own schedule, right?

Ah well. At least Misha's physical came back looking good.

Sunday, January 08, 2006
The Week
I'm so used to having time to write in this at work, that having my day be full is new. I'm not the only new hire, so we've been trying to work together at learning the database, both using the same computer. Our work machines were supposed to arrive before us, but apparently the best-made plans are ganging aglee as usual. It'll be a laptop, which is potentially cool, although I'm used to a real keyboard and mouse. I'm trying to keep to myself that I see it as a nifty new toy.

The Misha thing finally struck us as weird upon seeing each other sober last night. Not in an "everything's awkward" way, but in a "this is the strangest, funniest thing that ever happened" way. We're seated in Uno's, kind of giving blow-by-blow of what we each remember from Sunday night, and both laughing hard. I ask how Telly's taking it, and he's like, total ostrich situation. Treating it like his "brother" met a girl, and his "sister" met a guy, but these two stories don't necessarily overlap. Not that they have to, right?

Right. We were just satisfying curiosity, or at least I was - what it's like to sleep with someone who knows your body like their own. Yeah, he says, curiosity.

So, of course, we never made it to the movie.

Afterward, I'm rubbing the burn on the back of his neck, saying it must have a story, and he says he's not one to talk about what happened in the Ukraine. It's apparently not as bad as what Carter went through, but bad enough - they didn't want the newly big and strong Shelley to be in any shape to chase them down. I asked him why they didn't just kill him, and he says he doesn't know. Not complaining.

I still don't know whether we've got a real thing going here. I just hope like hell that there's no pheremones involved.


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