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Friday, March 12, 2004
Just a quick entry as I get changed
I'm feeling pretty cranky today. My nose is stuffed up, Maureen ruined an outfit I spent $100 on spilling toner while we were changing it in the photocopier (which I could have done myself if she hadn't been so freaking territorial about whose job is whose, but noooooo, even though people are waiting and she doesn't know what the hell she's doing, she has to hover over me and knock crap over, making a real mess), and because of that, Carter and I aren't going out to dinner, since I have to come back here and get changed, although he's going to pick me up later so that we can go dancing.

I feel so stupid complaining about that $100 pantsuit, especially since it's something I bought from my last wardrobe stipend, but that just means that when the spring one comes in a couple weeks I'll have to replace it, rather than get something new, and I hate buying the same thing twice. And that's aside from me looking stupid all afternoon. I was snapping at everyone, even Carter. A lot of apologizing going around.

Fortunately, today's snow didn't stick, although I wish the weather would just make up its mind.

Thursday, March 11, 2004
I think I might be coming down with something
It's just a little sniffle, but it seems like more since winter looked to be over last week. But, instead, there's a smattering of new snow on the ground, with more supposedly on the way and it's cold again. And my nose is running, just a little, but it's constant, so I was sniffling and blowing all day yesterday and today.

Carter and I went on a double date with Kate and Dennis. Carter was pretty bored when we went to the comic shop first, but it's practically across the street from the Brattle and we had a little time to kill. Both Dennis and I had big deliveries in our subscription folders; it was kind of funny to see which ones we had in common. I joked that if he and Kate stayed together, I could start saving some money by just borrowing his stuff. We geeked out for a bit, and I almost "blew my cover" at one point, when I grabbed the first issue of the new "She-Hulk" series off the shelf. He said something about how you'd think companies would try to do more comics with a female protagonist to try and get girls into the shop, and I distractedly said I'd liked Shulkie before, when I stumbled across some back-issues in college. Carter asked me "before what", while Kate said she thought I'd said I hadn't gone to college.

I was able to cover; I said that I'd sort of collected comics twice, the first time a few years ago when I was a teenager and my boyfriend was a freshman in college; I said I'd been visiting this imaginary boyfriend on the trip to the comic shop in question, and that I'd spent enough weekends with him in the year after "I" graduated high school that I referred to it as my year in college. Of course, there were more pauses and stammers as I tried to make all this up on the fly.

One of the comics I don't subscribe to but picked up off the shelf was the latest issue of "H-E-R-O", the finale of the story where a guy turns into a busty female superhero. Not as much fun as the first part, but better than the second, or at least that was my verdict after I read it at Carter's place after the movie while he was in the shower. He asked me how it ended, and I told him it was a total deus ex machina - his girlfriend just happens to find the device which changed him a couple days later. He snorts and says that would never happen in real life, and I look at the calendar and have to agree. Besides, he says, a guy would have to be gay or something to not have it drive him nuts.

It hurts my pride to think of it that way - not even the girlfriends with whom it ended badly would take that position - although I also sort of smugly think that you do go nuts but eventually get over it. I was going to argue with him about it, and actually did say something which he didn't hear at first, but it just didn't seem worth the hassle when he came over and asked what I'd said. The comment's sort of getting under my skin now, though.. I mean, I know he can't know how hurtful that sort of thing is to me, specifically, but it seems like sort of a sexist thing to say, that being a woman is inferior or a punishment or something. It makes me want to tell him the truth, but I think it might be too late; I don't know if I could stand him being disgusted by me now that we've gotten so close.

Tuesday, March 09, 2004
Lying in wait
They just sit around the subway stations, the Girl Scouts do, with their cute little uniforms and big eyes just waiting to sell you expensive cookies ($4 for very few days' worth). I'd be able to resist them, too, if they didn't have the toy cash register to ring up sales with. Sure, it can look like it's mostly the parents trying to sell cookies, but then you see the Fisher-Price cash register and just go awwwwwwww...

Hung out with Kate and Jen tonight. No big deal, just grabbing an evening to chat outside the bounds of the office without the guys around. It was fun; we did some window shopping at Quincy Market and stuff. I've still got no eye for women's fashions; I'd be in sneakers, jeans, and a T-shirt every day if I could. The others must look like two girls playing with a life-sized Barbie doll, especially with the blonde hair.

I think it's a sign of how good things must be going between Kate and Dennis that while we were in Victoria's Secret, Kate didn't make one snarky remark about my breasts and their being big. We were in there for her, anyway; she's evidently decided that this is the weekend she and Dennis are going to make love for the first time and she wants to wear something special. I don't see what the big deal is, but Kate asks how I'd like it if I were a guy and I found out that I didn't even rate new lingerée for the first time with a serious girlfriend? I told her quite honestly that a guy would probably just figure those are her lucky panties and understand, but since Kate's all woman and thus assumes that a man would think like a woman until shown otherwise, she figures it would be a slight. Whatever. I ask her if that means she empties out and restocks her underwear drawer every time she gets a new boyfriend and she just sticks her tongue out at me. Then she says she bets I remember what I was wearing the first time Carter and I did it, but I honestly don't; it was, as I told her, sort of a spur of the moment thing, and I just through my clothes in the wash with the other identical white cotton bras and panties and didn't have them bronzed or anything. Jen, at least, found that funny.

But, I did have to admit that there was some appeal to the idea of having something for special occasions; just because I never felt the need for a special pair of boxers that no other girl has seen me in doesn't mean I can't see it from the other side. I was never one to insist a girl wear the frilly stuff, but I could appreciate it; and, yeah, Carter did make a joke about my no-nonsense underwear a couple weeks ago. So, I figured, why not give him a little thrill, and picked out a new, red, bra and panty set that quite honestly doesn't do much in the way of support - I think it actually adds to the jiggle - but does make me look damn good. I've even got a pair of matching red heels, so sometime this weekend I'll actually be dressed like an underwear model. Which is funny, because even as a man, I always joked that I could never figure out when a woman would just be wearing high heels and underwear.

Monday, March 08, 2004
I should know better...
Yesterday, at 7pm, I wrote this:
At least it's getting to the point where it's warm enough to hang the heavy winter coat up.

Today it was snowing when I got up. The obvious lesson about tempting fate is, well, obvious.
Sunday, March 07, 2004
I've said it before, but mixing "Saturday Midnight Kung Fu Ass-Kickings" with "Sunday Eye-Openers" is not a smart thing for a movie fan to do. I usually do okay with just six hours or so of sleep, but I've just been dragging all afternoon. It didn't help that the eye-opener was sort of a snoozer and I apparently missed the best part of the spring training game against the Yankees; from what I read online it looks like Derek Jeter booted his first chance on defense and Jose Contreras had nothing. I'm kind of hoping that Jeter doesn't totally suck in the field, but just messes up enough for groundball pitcher and supposedly cranky guy Kevin Brown to get upset, though not enough for there to be an outcry by the ignorant majority of Yankee fans (understand, the majority of most sports fans are ignorant, so I'm not singling Yankee fans out. Although they do tend to talk about Paul O'Neill as a fine human being and Derek Jeter as a good defensive shortstop...).

So, today was pretty uneventful - watch a movie, watch a ballgame, walk to the grocery store. At least it's getting to the point where it's warm enough to hang the heavy winter coat up. I'll probably do some more research/investigation on any sort of scientific explanation for what's happened to me/Michelle's life before July/what "Martin" is doing/etc. before hitting the couch to watch some TV (Alias and Crossing Jordan are back. Yay.). I think I'm starting to hit a brick wall, though, in terms of what I can find on the internet. Actually, I think I hit it a couple months ago, and have spent most of 2004 examining the wall and finding that no, there aren't any holes or gaps of any kind in it. I might actually have to hit the road at some point, but given my budget and lack of a car, I pretty much figure Worcester is about as far as I can easily range.


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