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Sunday, March 07, 2004
I've said it before, but mixing "Saturday Midnight Kung Fu Ass-Kickings" with "Sunday Eye-Openers" is not a smart thing for a movie fan to do. I usually do okay with just six hours or so of sleep, but I've just been dragging all afternoon. It didn't help that the eye-opener was sort of a snoozer and I apparently missed the best part of the spring training game against the Yankees; from what I read online it looks like Derek Jeter booted his first chance on defense and Jose Contreras had nothing. I'm kind of hoping that Jeter doesn't totally suck in the field, but just messes up enough for groundball pitcher and supposedly cranky guy Kevin Brown to get upset, though not enough for there to be an outcry by the ignorant majority of Yankee fans (understand, the majority of most sports fans are ignorant, so I'm not singling Yankee fans out. Although they do tend to talk about Paul O'Neill as a fine human being and Derek Jeter as a good defensive shortstop...).

So, today was pretty uneventful - watch a movie, watch a ballgame, walk to the grocery store. At least it's getting to the point where it's warm enough to hang the heavy winter coat up. I'll probably do some more research/investigation on any sort of scientific explanation for what's happened to me/Michelle's life before July/what "Martin" is doing/etc. before hitting the couch to watch some TV (Alias and Crossing Jordan are back. Yay.). I think I'm starting to hit a brick wall, though, in terms of what I can find on the internet. Actually, I think I hit it a couple months ago, and have spent most of 2004 examining the wall and finding that no, there aren't any holes or gaps of any kind in it. I might actually have to hit the road at some point, but given my budget and lack of a car, I pretty much figure Worcester is about as far as I can easily range.

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