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Wednesday, June 15, 2005
Good news/bad news on the vacation front
Good news: I've got seven days off work for FantAsia Film Festival goodness.

Bad news: It's in Montreal. Which isn't bad news per se - I gather it's a beautiful, fun city where the bars are open much later than they are in Boston - but apparently in the name of security, it's now apparently a lot more difficult to travel between Canada and the United States

Luckily, it doesn't seem to actually require a passport yet, but it does require a birth certificate. Which I should have from changing my name last year, but looking through the shoebox which contains my important papers, I can't find it. And, man, do I not want to talk to Doug about it.

This would be annoying for anybody under the best of circumstances, but geez... Proving my identity with a piece of paper? That whole concept seems mind-bogglingly obsolete to me. When the general public finds out about me and people like me, the whole idea is going to go out the window.

I hear tell there's a number of small towns in Northern Vermont where you can squeak across the border pretty easily.

Moreover, however, I think a section the New York State Northway has been washed out by a mudslide to begin with... but then, maybe a Bostonian wouldn't take the 90 to the 87 and up.

Maybe there's some other third-leg-of-the-triangle path through Vermont?
You should go... Montreal is a beautiful city, and the night life is wild.

If you're into that...
I don't think you should worry about crossing the border. I do it quite frequently and I can tell you that both sides (US and Can) are always very welcoming. Plus the Fantasia festival is a big happening here. Hope you have fun in Montreal. If you want to go out, try Crescent street, it is in the west part of the downtown area and it is mainly english speaking.
You will want some proper ID. No big deal, as yet. But.. You ought to track down a birth certificate, and get a passport. It has been getting harder and harder to go to Canada, or the Carribean without a passport, and you never know when you'll have the chance, and want to go. Maybe you can get out of that cold Boston weather com winter, and pracice your bikini wearing skills in Jamaica. Be a shame to miss that because you didn't bother to get a passport ;-)

Oh, and are you going to let the FBI know you're heading out of the county for a few days? I dunno how closely they keep an eye on you these days, but, they might wanna know. (Of course, that assumes they are foolish enough not to read your blog. But then this is the FBI... Could go either way.)

- Z
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