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Monday, August 06, 2007
What we know
In short, not much.

I'm sort of starting to wonder what I ever saw in Carter; it took him a couple of days to get back to me after I called him Wednesday to tell him about Amy calling Sam by his name. Now, the delay probably isn't totally unreasonable; he was under a deadline crunch and I don't suppose everybody has to really prioritize finding out the whos, hows, and whys of us being made into who and what we are now. It's important to remember that Carter 3.0 is a different person than the guy I met four years ago, just as I'm not the same person Martin 1.0 was.

Still, this is big news. Even if he feels that that part of his life is a closed book, it would have been cool of him to pitch in a little faster, if he could.

He didn't have a lot to say. He was a prisoner during his first few months as Sam, and then once he escaped, he was fanatical about not letting anybody know. Even Maureen was kept in the dark until he bolted to switch into my old body.

We were sitting at one of the tables outside Grafton Street in Harvard Square when he told us this on Sunday - me, Carter, Amy and Sam. Amy had to be more than a little disappointed to hear this, but she barely blinked at it. She pulled a notebook and a pen out of her bag, and then snorted a little. "Did you know anybody who tended to make lists?"

Carter laughed at that. "No, not really."

"Worth a shot. I'm going to make a list anyway, though; it helps me."

"Well, I suppose you could start with the people who read Marti's blog."

"It's not like I ever posted pictures!"

"No, but Carter's right." Sam chewed on her lip a little. "Someone could have known about your blog but not told you, and thus known that the person in my body wasn't me, even if they didn't let on."

Amy made an "ugh" sound. The only other people Carter had told were the FBI, but the people working on our case get tested on a fairly regular basis - if someone's body had been compromised in the past year, we'd have found out.

"So who's left?"

We all knew the answer to Sam's question, but none of us wanted to say it. Amy did.

"How many people were in on kidnapping you?" she asked Carter. "It can't have just been the two that are dead. They had some contact with Korpin, and maybe people in their organization had seen pictures."

Sam's eyes got wide. "You can't think--"

"I can't eliminate it. Right now, the most likely answer is that I was one of the bad guys."


I interrupted. "She's right. That makes the most sense. BUT, even if it's true... We're new people, Amy more than most. If she was part of Korpin's organization, she hasn't been for a year. And even if she starts remembering things, that doesn't meant he way she acts will change."

"Right." I don't know if Amy really believes that, but she kind of has to.


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If I were Amy... heaven forbid I should get mixedup in this and that happens... I would feel extremely nervous about having those memories suddenly crop up or flood back. It would seem too much to bear.
"...And even if she starts remembering things, that doesn't meant he way she acts will change."

Ooh! Freudian slip.
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