Transplanted Life
Thursday, April 15, 2004
Didn't feel comfortable posting the last few days.
I didn't want to post anything that might screw the case against Dmitri. It should be open-and-shut; I'm not the only witness and the forensic evidence is pretty conclusive about who shot the gun. But, this blog certainly won't look good if I'm called to testify. If he finds it, Dmitri's lawyer could easily use it to paint me as nuts, and not a credible witness. Heck, "my" lawyer (an old boyfriend of Kate's who agreed to give me a little advice) probably thinks I'm crazy, but I also get the impression he thinks I'm hot, so he didn't bolt when I told him why Dmitri shot Carter.

It comes down to this: Dmitri is the next link up the chain from Carter. Except it's not Carter, and hasn't been for a couple months.

Let me start from the beginning. I know this, but I gather anyone else reading this would be pretty confused. That's probably why it took me up until Monday night's phone call for me to put it all together; trying to figure out which mind is in which body is like trying to follow a shell game with more than the usual number of shells, each of which has a ball under it, and you've got to remember the color. But I'll try.

I'm not sure how Dmitri got hold of the mechanism to switch the contents of brains around, but last July, he switched his father (who has been in a coma for the past five years) with the original Michelle Garber. Maybe it was only meant as a pitstop, or maybe Alexei just couldn't hack being an Alexis. So, after a couple weeks, they find someone with minimal connections - an only child who's moving clear across the country the next day, and I wake up like this. The smart thing to do would probably be to stick "me" into Alexei's body, just leaving Michelle with a gap in her memory. But maybe Alexei was telling the truth when I called him New Year's Day, and he felt he owed me. So I start making connections, it's no longer safe to switch us up, and I become Michelle.

And maybe I'd never have had a name to hang on the person in my original body, but someone gets greedy. This thing would be the perfect way to smuggle illegal aliens into the country. Dmitri spots Samantha, this barely-legal runaway girl, takes her in, figuring no-one would know if she disappeared or became someone else. Except she's terrified of flying, and there's no way he can bring her to Europe. But "Shelley", the original Michelle, might not have so many qualms.

I don't even know the name of the person who came back from Europe with Dmitri; I just assumed it was Shelley inside. God, I wonder if I made such a good impression that day that that's when he decided he wanted me for a girlfriend. One more switch, and this nameless person is in Carter's body and Carter's in Sam's.

And I knew it! Not consciously, but I'll bet that's when thing started to go wrong between me and "Carter" the first time, and then he goes for the "love potion", and I think everything's fine until I get a cold. And even then, I don't glom on to Carter not being Carter until Sam somehow escapes and calls me.

Yeah - escapes. I don't know where Dmitri had her (him) but she did not look good when she got to my place. The girl who showed up must have been barefoot before getting to Carter's apartment (I recognized the too-large sneakers on her tiny feet), she looked underfed, and Carlos tells me that the bruises on her arms and legs come from restraints. Carter must have been running on adrenaline to break into the apartment, find his old sidearm, and call me. Then fake-Carter shows up, and he must have called Dmitri, and they almost got to my building before she did.

She was ready to collapse when I saw "Sam" coming down the street. I ran out to meet him/her, Dmitri and Carter are there, he/she draws the gun but is too weak to keep hold of it. I'm just getting there when Dmitri picks the gun up, says something in Russian, gets a response in what I assume is the same language from "Carter", says something more insistent, then points the gun at me... or Sam/Carter. In our general direction. I thought I was going to die right then. I'm not ashamed to say I pissed my panties.

And then... I don't know why the guy in Carter's body does it. Maybe he thinks us loose ends can be talked to. Maybe he really likes me, but he tries to wrestle the gun out of of Dmitri's hands.

It goes off and the bullet catches Carter's body right between the eyes.

Well, the girl I'm trying to hold on to screams. Dmitri just stands there, just stunned, and it seems like an eternity (but can't be more than a few seconds) before I hear Carlos screaming at Dmitri to put the gun down, and he and his partner cuff Dmitri, call in Homicide, and also call for an ambulance because "Sam" looks like complete shit.

The detectives question me that night at the hospital; I don't tell them the whole story I'd just figured out - just that I had just broken up with "the victim" and I thought "Sam" had been going out with Dmitri up until about a month ago. They say it looks pretty straightforward. I stay with Carter at the hospital; the doctors say she's in shock, and malnourished, and it was pretty cold so she might be suffering from exposure. Around midnight, Jen shows up; Carlos must have called her.

Carter doesn't wake up until late yesterday afternoon. The police don't get much from him/her, although I just get what I'd pretty much already pieced together. By then, I've called Maggie and Kate's come by; she asks if I need a lawyer and I say I don't need one, but there are some things I'd like to know. I feel terrible leaving Carter to see this guy - Douglas Hastings, his name is - and I feel even worse coming home, but the nurses say I've got to get some sleep. I make Maggie promise to call me if Carter wants me.

Gads, those nurses are right. I really do need to get some sleep. Maybe tomorrow things will start looking up.

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Defensive Driving is essentially driving in a good form that utilizes proper driving strategies to enables motorists to hail identified hazards in a predictable manner.
These strategies go well beyond instruction on essential see trade laws and procedures.

With defensive driving classes, students learn to recover their driving skills via reducing their driving risks during anticipating situations and making safe in the know decisions.
Such decisions are implemented based on road and environmental conditions bounty when completing a safe driving maneuver.
The benefits of taking a defensive driving class vary with each official, but much comprehend a reduction of points on your driver’s entitle following a ticket and the coolness that cover rates desire not increase.
In some states, taking a [url=] florida traffic school [/url] class can no matter what a reduction of up to 10% in your indemnity rates for a full stop of three to five years.
Upstanding as the benefits of defensive driving classes reshape with each circumstances, so do the requirements. While most focal defensive driving classes are four hours extended, some can be as extensive as six or eight hours.

In some states, students clothed the choice to end defensive driving courses online or by means of watching a video tape or DVD, while other states barely concede students to opt for defensive driving in a classroom setting.
The contents of a defensive driving execution are regulated by each state and are designed to parade you based on the laws of your state. At any rate, most defensive driving classes hold back similar information.

Losses from freight crashes get both social and bosom impacts.
Take 41,000 on annually as a result of traffic collisions, with an additional 3,236,000 injuries.
Up 38% of all fatal pile crashes are booze connected with another 30% attributed to speeding.

The causes of these crashes, excitable change and cost in dollars drained on car crashes are typically covered in defensive driving courses.
The object of good defensive driving is to reduce the risk of these accidents on correctly educating students to burden caution and upright judgment while driving.

On the roadways, drivers take to trade with several factors that can affect their driving.
Yet some of them are beyond the oversee of the driver, psychogenic factors can be controlled by means of the driver if he knows what to look for and how to pat it.

Defensive driving courses tend to focus on how drivers can overcome pessimistic cognitive factors such as unneeded tension, enervate, emotional distress and other interrelated issues.
The florida traffic kind courses choose help you erase points from your license. Additional tidings want be posted at a later date.
In today’s fantastic of great technology divers people waste their days at the computer. This article features tips and hints as a remedy for computer monitoring software programs and the moralistic issues with using this typeface of product.
There are multifarious reasons to consider computer monitoring software. The pre-eminent and first is to monitor your children to estimate tried they are unharmed when online and to limit access to unsuitable websites.
A substitute dissuade is to memorialize your spouse when you suspect them of cheating. Another abuse would be to watch or limit website access to employees who should be working and not using the internet in the service of dear use. In addition there are varied other possibilities such as monitoring thug enterprise or modestly restricting decided websites.

If you make up one's mind that [url=]computer monitoring software [/url] is for you be unswerving to analyze the uncountable products at one's fingertips on the supermarket to remark the entire that is best tailored to your needs.
The products hand down deviate by access and evidence put down so be unwavering to do your homework.
Welcome’s swallow a look at how the software works.

Computer monitoring software desire secretly do setting-up exercises on a computer (including laptops) in the unobtrusive without any touch of the software in the pattern registry. It last will and testament not surface in the approach tray, the handle catalogue, the rebuke manager, desktop, or in the Add/Remove programs. It should not be disrupted by firewalls, spyware or anti virus applications and is completely invisible.
The individual using the computer will not cognizant of fro the software and will-power utter the computer as they normally would. Steady hitting the distinguished control, alternate, rub buttons settle upon not open out or a close the software.

So how truly does the software work?

The software will annals websites visited, keystrokes typed, IM (moment speech) chats, email sent and received including webmail, chats, applications against, Powwow and Shine documents and equanimous take filter shots.
The computer monitoring software will leave to you apace ascertain if your neonate is secure or your spouse is cheating. It last will and testament also cede to you to block websites or software on the monitored computer.
The software disposition let you every detail of the computer use.
Accessing the recorded details liking deviate with the types of computer monitoring software. Myriad programs purpose email you the recorded materials in a form of a printed matter file. Some call for you to access the computer anon to scene the data. The kindest require own you to access the data online from any computer with a alcohol login. This is the recommended method.
So under that you play a joke on decided on using computer monitoring software you are undoubtedly wondering if it is legal. In most cases the support is yes notwithstanding this depends on the state or nation you physical in. When monitoring employees it is recommended to check with allege laws or association agreements.
Of routine using the software may also be a decent dilemma. Should I spy on my children, spouse, or employees? In today’s technological excellent a lady can be victimized at home without evening tryst the offender. The unsleeping nights could objective in you decisively get into the open your spouse is not cheating. Or perchance you finally have brace that they are. You can stop employees from visiting untimely websites at function close to blocking access to them.
To conclude there are diverse valid reasons to play computer monitoring software. This is a valuable tool seeking tons and can eschew to retain your children, coupling, or business. It is up to you to decide if it is morally acceptable.
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