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Thursday, March 05, 2009
Of course
I haven't been keeping particular track of anniversaries, which I suppose makes me an atypical girlfriend or a bad boyfriend-type person, but I honestly wouldn't be surprised if the thing with Kate has lasted longer than any relationship I remember having. It's certainly my longest as a woman, and is probably right up there with Maggie from my previous life. We've been cohabiting for over a year, our families like each other, and we've even gotten to the point where being together was assumed to the point where we were making purchases together.

So, naturally, it was time for us to fuck it up.

Kate's got a lot of theories as to why it fell apart. Most of the women our age are getting married and starting families, and while we're fortunate to live in a state where we can do the former, science hasn't progressed to the point where we can do the latter (at least, so far as I know; given what the last six years of my life have been like, I can't exactly take that for granted). We're close enough in personality that the small disagreements seem bigger, and then when we disagree on something big, watch out! Other things I can't even begin to understand.

I was talking about this the other night, in a bar with Telly and Amy. Amy nodded sympathetically, but after about ten minutes, Telly snorted, and banged his glass on the bar a little harder than necessary. "You girls are making it way too complicated. It comes down to one thing: The two of you aren't gay."

Amy and I started in, saying that sexual identity and orientation were more complicated than a simple gay/straight description, especially for people like us, and he cut us off.

"I get that, ladies, I really do, but honestly, it's impressive that you managed to stay together as long as you have. It shows just how much the two of you really like each other; I don't doubt that either of you would rather spend time with the other than the average guy. But, geez, Tina, you've got my sister's hormones and brain. She was into a lot of things, but other girls wasn't one of them. How long did you think you were going to fight that?"

He's right, of course, and not just about me; I think both of us were starting to realize that being with each other was, to a certain extent, hiding from what we really wanted, even if we were afraid of it for our own reasons: Kate has tended toward really terrible breakups, and even after five plus years in this body, I still second-guess the hell out of the whole boy-girl thing, especially now that I'm starting to get some awareness of my biological clock. The good times of a few months ago, when we would go out and be a little flirty only to frustrate guys when we pulled back toward each other, well, weren't quite such good times any more. I can't speak for Kate, but I know I had the occasional thought of breaking from the script, except that I couldn't do that to Kate.

That we're feeling that is probably healthy, but it still festers, and makes us snippy. I'm pretty sure that we'll still be friends when all this is over, but even though I've moved into the spare bedroom, it's not a fun month right now.


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Maybe you two need to get a man. (Not 'apiece'.)
Telly really hit the proverbial nail on the head. You've stated many times in this blog (mostly during the first year or two) that Michelle's body was very heterosexual, and that you really can't fight the body's natural tendency for long.

I can't say that I'm surprised by this turn of events because it seemed all along like this intimate relationship with Kate was going against the grain of Michelle's body's natural tendency.
What's going on? Is this blog finished?

Mr. Ram
Bring back this blog on a regular basis please!! It's great! Thanks!
I'm starting to wonder if the person writing this is Martina (Martin) or she's been replaced with another Russian who really wnted to be a woman and is unsatisfied with girl on girl.

I noticed that she is now signing the postings as Yina, instead of Martina, it's a more feminine name than Marti...

Maybe I'm wrong but maybe someone needs to call the FBI and do a new blood test???
After this long a gap in posting, my guess is that we won't hear from you again until you want to talk about the experience of being pregnant. Pity; your insights about what's in the gender gap continue to be worthwhile. Good luck, anyway.
This is a great blog! Can you please continue it?
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