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Friday, June 27, 2008
She Knew Us
Ah, to be young. Kate and I have been working like mad over the last couple weeks, trying to get as far ahead in work as possible before spending a couple weeks in Montreal for the end of the Jazz Festival and the start of Fantasia. Telly and Amy, on the other hand, have had time on their hands. Amy's taking a couple of summer classes and working a part time job, while Telly works something approximating full time and is in a couple of bands, but is still somehow able to thrive on four or five hours of sleep on average. Of course, like everybody, they tend to assume that everybody shares their schedule, which means that they don't think twice calling at 2:30am with news.

They woke Kate up first, though not by design. Since I spend most of my free time in movies, and can be a little scatterbrained, I almost never take my phone off vibrate, which mean the thing didn't have a chance in hell of waking me up from the bedside table. Kate, naturally, is peculiarly sensitive to the growl created by a vibrating phone on a hard object, and woke up almost instantly. It must have taken her all of a second to realize it wasn't hers, because the thing was still going when she twisted my nipple to wake me up.

I shot her a look and picked it up, seeing that it was Telly calling. I said something along the line of if he was in jail, he was staying there at least until morning.

"Why would I be in jail and why would you think that? Anyway, it's not that - Amy remembered something!"

That cleared all the cobwebs out. "What? Does she know who she is?"

"Nothing that big, just - we got home late, and we thought it might be fun to make milkshakes--"


"I dunno, we've just been making milkshakes lately. You gave us that movie on DVD because the Blu-ray came out a month later, then she bought a blender and once she'd bought it she figured we should get use out of it and the syrups and--"

"Forget I asked and get to the important part!"

"Right, right - anyway, we were making milkshakes, but hadn't done the dishes for a few days, so we decided to use the steins. She made a comment about how she didn't figure my grandmother intended me to use them for milkshakes, and I laughed, but as we were drinking them I couldn't for the life of me remember telling her that Nana had given them to me, and neither could she."

"There's a million explanations; we've told that story a lot."

"Yeah, when it happened. Right after that weird Christmas, but I'm pretty sure I haven't told anybody the story in like a year and a half. Have you?"

I couldn't remember telling it, and Telly said he'd checked, and it wasn't in the blog. So she must have heard it from us, but if neither of us told "Amy Sanada"...

"That's thin."

"It's only one thing, the big thing. She's said other things that I just assumed we'd told her, but now--"

At this point Amy grabbed the phone. "And I'm doing better in school. I dropped all my music courses, and I've started taking stuff that seemed 'familiar', for lack of a better word; it just seems like I'm being reminded of things a lot of the time. I think my memory is putting itself back together."

"That's great!"

"Don't you get it? Korpin is the person most likely to know all this! I don't want to be him!"

"You probably aren't. And even if you are, even if you remember everything, that doesn't mean you'll suddenly become a monster - you'll still be a product of the last two years, your own person, okay?"

"I suppose."

I asked if she wanted me to come over, but she said she thought she could handle it. I suggested she might want to make an appointment with her therapist, and she thought that sounded pretty good.

We finally hung up. I told Kate what it was all about, and she said she almost felt bad leaving them to go on vacation. I rubbed my still sore nipple, asking if she felt bad about that. "A little. I just figured, since you still sometimes get surprised by your body when you wake up suddenly, that would be the quickest way to wake you up. That can take some doing, you know." She pulled my t-shirt up and kissed it. "Better?"

Much, I said. We looked in each other's eyes... then saw they were closing, laughed, and fell back asleep.


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Hasn't it always been most likely that she was Korpin? I'm surprised you're not more troubled by this, though.
I have a thought but it's too weird to put here.
It was suspected that Amy was in some way connected to Korpin, but it was assumed that she was the person who swapped with Korpin while Martina, the F.B.I., et. al., had Korpin/Amy under surveillance at Harvard (Martina observed Korpin/Amy using a laptop computer that turned out to be a decoy, remember?) The F.B.I. picked up the "transfer" signal being broadcast, so if Amy IS Korpin, it would mean she was exposed to the high voltage BEFORE the swap could take place. The plot thickens...
I believe that Amy's actually Agent Jones or another FBI agent who was on the scene when the switch took place.

It makes sense. Jones would have known Samantha's body as Carver more than as Sam. Jones would know how to handle a gun.

Even more telling is that the FBI didn't find Amy even when she had returned to her family. That means someone on the inside called the investigation off. Jones would probably have the authority to do that or at least to hinder it. Korpin also spent time at FBI HQ and would have been able to make the transition seem more natural because of that.

Finally, Marti has described Jones as being a little wigged out by her being a him in a past life. That doesn't really explain the "hey sexy" comment when she went in for jury duty.

Yes, Jones was with Marti when the sensors went off during the last switch, but that could easily have been a fabricated phone call and the sensor had gone off earlier OR it took time to actually pick up on it.

Most likely if it isn't Jones, it's some other FBI agent hindering the investigation from within. Making it Jones just helps make the connections that much stronger.

Or I'm overthinking the whole deal.
How would Agent Jones know about Telly's grandmothers drinking steins? That seems implausible.
I'm may be missing something (very likely) but is it possible that Korpin did a double switch somehow and Amy is really Shelly? It would explain her knowing about the steins and also her attraction to Telly. Although that would be kind of disturbing but with fried synapes who can say? It would also explain her acceptance of her current sexuality. She picked out the sexy nurses costume then she was trying to win the vibrator at the adult film festival.
I don't wish anyone ill, but I'm much more entertained, the weirder your life is. Like the supposed Chinese curse, may you live in interesting times.

May you live in an interesting body?
As far as the Steins are concerned, they mention that they told the story a lot right after the whole christmas episode. I imagine the story would have been brought up in the FBI reports as they would want comprehensive details of the entire affair. Thus, the FBI agents would have had knowledge of the steins.
It's been a while since the last post. Are you going to ever wrap this up?

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