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Tuesday, June 03, 2008
Not officially summer, but...
It is, finally, starting to be nice in and around Boston on a regular basis. There were a few fake-out weekends in April and early May - the sort where you wake up, put on shorts, a t-shirt, a skirt, or something otherwise not all-covering, and that's nice until you come out of the afternoon movie realizing that it's really not enough.

And by "you" I mean "me". When I was male and single I would do it all the time because I would choose my outfit based on what I thought it ought to be like weather-wise (and because a weekend day when you could wear shorts meant you could push doing laundry back an extra twenty-four hours), with maybe a cursory glance out the window to make sure I wasn't doing something egregiously stupid. Kate, being far more responsible, will see me and ask if I've even checked the weather channel.

Another sure sign of summer is mini-moving day. The start of June isn't quite like the main event September First, especially since it's spread out a bit by the dorms of what seem like hundreds of colleges kicking kids out in waves during the month of May, but that also means that the ones who are going to stay on for the summer are looking for sublets or June-to-May arrangements, and there are people moving stuff out to the Cape or some other summer home.

This year, despite only having known each other a couple months, that means Amy and Telly sharing an apartment. I don't know exactly how long-term an arrangement it is - they have only known each other for a while and Telly's place is way at the end of the 1 bus from Harvard Square - but it works for them now. Telly gets rid of the deadbeat roommates, Amy at least has a place to stay between now and the start of her senior year, and curious blood relatives and friends get to watch and see if this relationship is going to work on an accelerated timetable.


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I think shorts on an adult male look tacky, unless it's on a boat or beach. Anywhere else is like wearing a Hawaiian shirt at a funeral.

Mr. Ram
Back when Amy first moved in with Sam, she was apparently being "stalked" by people suspected of being linked to the mind-switching technique. Has any of this "stalking" occured recently? After the Mikail Gorpin incident, I don't think Telly would want any surprises...
OK, it's officially summer! Time for an update!

Mr. Ram
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