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Monday, December 31, 2007
I love you ma, but...
Seventeen days is a long time to have a houseguest. Yes, we were counting by the end.

Understand, I love my mother. She has put up with more over the past four and a half years than anyone should have to. And when she first broached the idea of coming up for the holidays, Kate and I were both enthusiastic. We've got the spare bedroom, it would be a shame not to use it, and it would be very nice to get back in touch with that part of my original family.

And it was. There was just so much to do, though - she wanted to meet the Garbers, for instance, which meant a weekend in Vermont. She had to meet Kate's folks. She also had old friends from Maine coming down to see her while I was at work during the day, and on top of that she was disappointed that Nat and Marty couldn't come out.

In some ways, it was like crunch time at work, when you've got this one big project that needs finishing, and there's no time for anything else. For the better part of three weeks, everything aside from work was about making things work for mom, and it was exhausting.

But rewarding. I really feel like Mom has completely accepted me for who I am now, and when we had unscheduled time to shop or otherwise, it was good. Simultaneously familiar and novel.

Still, it both nice to have her in town and nice to bring her to the airport this afternoon.


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It's an interesting situation. In one regard, you've become genetic strangers, but then you've also moved one significant chromosome closer together. She gets to bond with the rest of you... but you persist in being something other than an agreeable clone, so the effects of mismatches are perpetuated.

At least she's gotten to see you hooked up with a 'nice girl' and settling down. Did she start giving Kate advice on how to manage your life for you?

How did the Garbers respond to all of this?
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