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Saturday, July 21, 2007
The sort of vacation you have to rest up from
I didn't intend to go nearly a month without writing here; it just sort of happened. I'm not going to apologize for it; everyone needs a vacation, especially after the inevitable crunch of work that has to be done before heading out. Plus there was Eloise's birthday party, then the fourth of July cookout up at Kate's folks before heading back to Boston for fireworks, then catching a flight north...

The festivals were great, although we ran ourselves ragged the first few days darting between Concordia University, where the Fantasia screenings are, and Place des Arts, where most of the Jazz Festival events took place. We thought of doing some things at the Just for Laughs Festival, but a lot of it was in French, and I would have lagged far behind her.

Then back here, and my birthday. We went bowling, and I did not acquit myself well. Now, I'm not saying I was really good in my previous life, but I didn't stink. Still, four years like this, and I still occasionally find myself trying to do things the way I remember doing them. By the end of the night, I stopped trying to lift the heavier balls, and eventually realized that they were going to drift a bit since I couldn't throw them quite as hard, but if I'm going to do this again, I'll have to relearn how.

My life in a nutshell.

Glad to hear from you again... I was starting to get worried. :-(

Sounds like your life is taking on some semblance of normalcy. I hesitate to say that that is a good thing... because just as I do, something exciting will inevitably happen.

Anyhow... it is good to know that you're still alive and the same person you were last post. :-)
I'm a very good, league-caliber bowler. If I had my body switched, I'd hate to have to re-learn my technique (especially since I'm currently left-handed!)

That would probably be one of the first things on the agenda, after, you know, the general "What's going on and how can I get my body back/life on track?" madness. So, maybe after like a year and a half.
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