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Tuesday, June 26, 2007
Vacation planning
Another year, another trip to Montreal with a new lover.

Obviously, it's going to be a little different this year. For starters, Kate wants to catch a fair amount of the Montreal Jazz Festival as well as the Fantasia Festival. I'm okay with that - I usually get kind of sick of horror movies by the end of my week and a half there. Not that that's all that plays, but it's a big plurality if not a majority, and there's only so many zombies and serial killers you can watch before you're numb to it.

We're looking to have a lot of fun over the next few weeks. Friday is the first birthday of Jen's daughter Eloise, so we've all been invited out to their place for a little party on Saturday. Ellie's adorable, so we had a good time shopping for presents. She obviously won't understand what the big deal is, especially since she's the center of attention no matter what; a party's no different.

We were looking through cards when Kate smirked and held up a card with a big number four on it. "Someone else is having a birthday soon, too."

"It's no big deal; I have one every four months."

"Yeah, I know, but that's the one where you became you. That's important to me."

I told her that was sweet, and almost kissed her, but there was this older woman close by, which puts a bit of a damper on public displays of affection. I'm starting to fear - just a bit - that she's planning something.

She is good at planning things, though - better than I am. She handled booking flights, hotel rooms, tickets to the things at the Jazz Festival that require tickets. It is absolutely driving her nuts that as of right now, Fantasia's website isn't even showing a list of films, much less a schedule, despite the fact that the festival opens in a mere nine days. How is she supposed to plan things around that?

I tell her that it's okay to run a vacation by the seat of one's pants, but she says that whenever she's tried to do that, it's been a disaster - trying to go places that will be closed for the next year and a half, sitting around waiting for openings when she could have booked in advance and done more, finding out after she got home that there was something really cool she would have liked to do. I said it's worked out okay for me, so maybe between us it will be all right. Besides, I pointed out, some of that stuff's going to be weather-dependent anyway, and it's not like she can control that.

Though I get the idea that she's thinking she should be able to.

- Marti
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