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Tuesday, June 05, 2007
Moving Day
September First is Moving Day in Greater Boston; it seems like almost every lease runs September to August. Since there's so many people in this city whose lives are tied up in academics, either as students, professors, staff, it makes sense for most people to plan their moves around the start of the academic year.

The same thing applies to the end of the academic year, too, as people clear out of dorms and often try to find some place for summer, either because they're going to be back on campus in the fall, or their lease doesn't start until then. Then there's all the people who go home for the summer and are looking to sublet.

Amy's still trying to line a place up for fall, but since she's going to be sticking around here this summer - taking some classes, auditing one that she's already down as passing, working - a sublet is better than nothing. I was actually able to help her find it - Samantha Haskins found a place near B.U. with a June-to-May lease, but her roommate wouldn't be able to join her until September, so she called me and asked if I knew anybody. Yeah, I said, I do, and gave Amy a call.

Sam was actually pretty excited about this development - she's always been a little awkward around me, both because I sort of see the other people who were in her body when I look at her and because I wasn't necessarily sure it was right for Carter to switch people in and out of bodies against their wills, even if doing so restored her. I'm not unhappy that that has happened, but I don't know if I can do it. The other thing is that while both of us have been through some pretty strange stuff, she doesn't know what it's like to remember being someone else - her time out-of-body was spent in a coma. She is, in her own way, just as driven to know what happened as any of us - she sees it as someone stealing a year of her life - but since her experience is so different from mine and Carter's, she doesn't really feel much kinship with us. She sees it as having a year of missing time followed by a bunch of awkward questions about her sexuality.

She and Amy are in a much more similar position - about the same age, both aware that some part of their life was taken from them, but not able to access it. Hopefully things will work out for them.

We did the actual moving on Saturday, which was no fun, what with the rain. Amy was pretty easy; she didn't have much stuff, and most of it was stuffed in boxes in a corner of mine & Gertie's apartment. Sam, on the other hand, had done a good job of scrounging furniture off craigslist and from various folks she knew moving out of their places, so Kate & I wound up taking Jen's truck all around town because this person had a bed, this one a sofa, this one a coffee table...

After a couple hours Kate and I were starting to seriously question the not having boyfriends thing. As much as I remember hating to lug stuff around, I certainly hate it more now. We grunted at Amy about not at least stringing Akira along for a while, but she said she didn't see this coming.

Sam had no excuse.

We got them moved in, though, which is the important thing. Hopefully they'll be good for each other (and Gertie and I can have a little more free space).

Ah, the elusive Samantha. I was just thinking about her the other day.

Good to know that she's still around... and seemingly doing okay.
Speaking of Samantha's awkward questions about her sexuality, do you still hear from Maureen? I imagine that you guys have a lot more in common now than you used to...
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