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Wednesday, May 16, 2007
Surprisingly good seats
I got to go to Fenway Park twice in the past three days, which is always a blast. Heck, going once a month is a blast; twice in one week almost feels downright gluttonous. Yesterday's was a bit of a disappointment; Wakefield has been so good so far this year that I was really psyched for a great battle between the wily old knuckleballer and Detroit's young fireballer. Verlander was as impressive as advertised, so much so that the three-run home run in the middle innings seemed like too much to overcome.

It was a very nice night at the ballpark, though - just the right temperature, the clouds made for a beautiful sky, and when they started releasing some rain in the eighth and ninth, it wasn't close to enough to make us retreat a few rows back to get under cover - or, like some of the folks around us, leave. Leaving was not an option, after all - we'd been to Sunday afternoon's game.

Now, that had been an exciting one. Beckett looked pretty darn great until he came out with a cut on his finger, and the Baltimore rookie was dealing. It could have been a bummer before the improbably comeback, but the environment was too cool. Jen had gotten four Monster standing room tickets at work, so Kate and I joined her, Carlos, and Eloise up there on a beautiful afternoon.

Eloise is crawling now, which means she squirms a lot as someone her. She's a cool little kid, with big eyes and little blonde curls. I don't think she really understands the game at all, but she got that people were clapping in the bottom of the ninth, and clapping is fun. All the excitement wore her out, though, and she actually conked out in her highchair whne we ordered dinner afterward.

Jen said she liked me, but I said she just thought I'd make a good meal. Jen laughed at that, but said that wasn't it. Also, I probably shouldn't think my breasts are such a big deal after having them almost four years.

Well, I said, maybe that's why Eloise likes me so much - maybe she can sense that I'm kind of like her in that I remember what it's like to be for the whole world to seem strange and new. I may not be trying to put my whole hand in my mouth, but the rest is still pretty neat.

Carlos says he hadn't thought of it that way, but that I'd make a great mom with that attitude. I laughed at that - I'm not exactly on the mommy track right now. Then I got things off that subject by talking about how it was the second-greatest comeback I'd ever seen in person. They had a hard time believing the "second-greatest" part, but I told them I'd been at Opening Day '98, where Mo Vaughn capped off a seven-runn ninth with a walkoff grand slam off Heathcliff Slocumb. Or, at least, I remembered being there.

So we wound up talking sports for the rest of the meal, although the heavier stuff wasn't completely forgotten. Before the game last night, Kate brought it up, asking if I thought about having children.

Sure, I say. I may look young, but I'm in my mid-thities, experience-wise. One of my best friends has an adorable little girl, there's an equally cool little boy out there that's, at the very least, part of my extended family. Admittedly, most of my thoughts about having kids are in terms of there being kids around, not having one grow in my womb and then being pushed out my uterus, but the idea is there.

Kate puts her mildly sarcastic smile on. "So you're saying that part would be up to me."

I laugh. No, just that my brain doesn't quite work that way yet. Why, have you been thinking about it?

My mom has, she says. She can't help but notice that we don't have a complete set of baby-making equipment between us, and worries about not having grandkids. I tell her it's way too early to think about that, but apparently her parents feel that left to herself, Kate wouldn't think of that until too late.

I guess I've got to actually meet them sometime, so they can at least get to know me as a person rather than some lesbian hussy trying to lead their daughter away from the right path.

And if they start asking about kids, blow their minds with the idea that Kate's ex-boyfriend Carter would be the most logical sperm donor.


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For both? At once? Twin beds in the delivery room?

Ignoring minor issues, like who holds whose hair out of the toilet water in the mornings for those first few months, and who reassures who that new stretch marks are veterans' honors... I can hear it now: "My Significant Other is supposed to coach my breathing and focus, but her water broke."

From the other bed comes, "Breathe, Kate, bre--OOOOOOOOOH--eathe!"
I'm just trying to imagine Carter's reaction when they ask. :-)
From what we've seen of Carter, I expect him to stipulate being the applicator.
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