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Monday, May 07, 2007
Good news, bad news
The good news is that I've finally got a little more time to actually write in this with the film festival over (and for the most part pretty good); the bad news is that it means I also have time to go online, bag myself a domain name, and redirect everything to I've been doing this for almost four years now, and I'm not intending to stop soon, so why not drop ten bucks on a domain name which will eventually let me do stuff other than blogging. Like selling books when I actually get around to putting that together. As it is, it looks like BackBlog is defunct or otherwise not archiving the old comments any more, so I'll have to do with out those.

In the meantime, though, you all probably won't be able to read this until the domain registration has settled down a little. Sorry about that. It seems a little bizarre that I've got to tell Blogger to point to the domain registrar and the domain guys to point to Blogger/Google - like Google could make some money and simplify everything by getting into the DNS business.

I had a weird dinner Thursday night. Amy wanted to start talking to the FBI, but didn't want to do it alone and didn't want to do it in the official offices. So she and I called Agents Jones and Lowen to meet us in a crowded restaurant - Amy is paranoid about listening devices, with good reason, and figured that a place with a lot of ambient noise would help discourage it. As you might imagine, Amy not wanting a lot of details about her life getting out means I'm going to be a little sketchy on the details, but she didn't say much that the FBI or anyone reading this won't know.

She's having dreams. Not every night, and she remembers so little that she sometimes thinks it's worse than not remembering them at all. She writes maybe one bit of information a week, if that, although she thinks there's something to be learned from what she's seen more than once, and what she hasn't seen. She doesn't remember ever being cold in a dream, even in the middle of winter, but isn't sure whether that means New England winters aren't something she was familiar with in her first life or whether it's just because she isn't in the sort of situation now that dreams of cold can symbolize. There's one that pops up about not being able to get "her" tie even. There's others, but that's about as much as Amy wants out there.

There's more, but I really can't say. It's not my place.

Dream analysis. Cool.
What is Korpin, if it is Korpin behind all this, waiting for?
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