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Tuesday, April 10, 2007
Tape delay
Ugh. I'm tempted to change the archiving on this to monthly when I make some changes later in the week, just because I hate seeing gaps in the archives. It exposes me as lazy and it will make me feel like there are gaps when I use this blog as notes when I write my memoirs someday.

It also means that maybe my life has settled down a little, in that I no longer have something huge and weird to write down every few days. In some ways, that's kind of reassuring; it means I'm content and happy for the most part. But, even if I didn't have a crazy science fiction story of a life, I think I'd hope for something new and exciting to write about every day. Who wants to lead a boring life?

I don't, of course. I've got a job I enjoy and I'm going out with a wonderful girl. My mother, as you might expect, wants to meet Kate badly. She's heard me talk about how Kate is exactly the type of girl I went for in my previous life and hopes it'll work out.

I'm pretty anxious to hear from Amy; I half-expected her to call me at some point during her spring break, and I don't know whether being quiet is a good or bad omen. Maybe she wants to work a few things through herself before getting my opinion.

Man, to look at this, you'd think my whole life right now was on tape delay (as I type this, I'm watching the Red Sox home opener that I recorded this afternoon. Sox up 13-1. That's awesome). I kind of know that things are going to happen, but they haven't quite yet.

I don't know about the lazy part. Content with life... finding things that you enjoy more than sharing, with the whole world, all the minuscule little details of your pseudo-happy life.

Then again, maybe you are just lazy. I know I sure am. :-)
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