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Friday, March 23, 2007
That was... Hm.
Amy's spring break started right after her last mid-term today, so she met up with Kate and me last night to try and get some courage up. She wasn't terribly worried abou the test - psychology is one of the subjects she does very well in. In fact, she's looking to adjust her major to reflect that. She's already dropped her music minor, since not only does the scarring on her hands make it hard for her to play any instrument (well, maybe she could be a drummer), but it's not a subject that really interests her. It's something she finds very frustrating. Amy's brain is apparently structured in such a way as to make music and mathematics easy for her to learn (she jokes about being an asian girl stereotype), but whatever knowledge and skills Amy had picked up has been displaced by whatever she knew in her old life. She figures she retains much of her old life's personality, even if she doesn't have the memories which formed it, and that personality just wasn't interested in that.

She figures it's progress of a sort that when she balances her checkbook, she has the distinct feeling that it wasn't quite so easy "before". Her therapist finds that interesting, even if he doesn't know about how different "before" really was.

Of course, neither do her biological parents, which is what she might be facing right this moment, taking the time difference into account. She's terribly worried that she'll be showing up back on my doorstep before the weekend is out, looking for a couch to sleep on because the Sanadas don't want anything to do with her. And if that's the case, what will happen to college? Sure, for all she knows, she may have a PhD's worth of knowledge from her other life, but it might be in a field her brain's not good at and even still, without proof...

I wish I had some more encouraging words for her. I don't get along terribly well with my own biological mother, but it's not as if Michelle did either. I don't see Telly very often these days. My own mother did get along pretty well with Carter for a while, but then... I look at Kate and blush. "It got complicated."

I write down my mom's contact information, anyway. Even if she can't tell the Sanadas everything they want to hear, she can tell them something.

We invite her along to the first feature in the Boston Underground Film Festival, which is called "American Stag", a documentary on stag films of the early twentieth century. You know it's a mellow festival when the prizes for trivia questions and the gift bags handed out at the opening night party include vibrators.

Didn't really expect to see Amy eagerly raising her hand to try to win one, either. But, then again, it's not like she can remember having anything else.


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