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Tuesday, March 06, 2007
Amy calls shenanigans
I can't really blame her. A couple weeks ago, I'm telling her "my tastes are different now, to say the least" when she asks if going on a date with a guy would be weird. Then, less than a week later, I've got a girlfriend. That could, generously, be called sending mixed signals.

Maggie, at least, is satisfied that Kate and I are both still who we say we are, and are in our right minds. There's no repeat of three years ago going on, so we should have been relieved. Still, there was a bit of tension when Mags laid all the data showing our blood work as normal on the table at the restaurant where we met Friday after work, and she commented that we didn't look pleased.

"I just don't think of myself as liking girls, you know, so the idea that this was some outside stimulus was kind of a security thing. I mean, sure, there were a couple times back in boarding school, but that's different, you know? That was just not having another outlet, and it wasn't exactly satisfying."

Hey, Maggie says, I'm just here to tell you what's going on in your blood. Besides, it's just Marti.

I clear my throat for effect, but we all know what she means - I am not exactly a representative sample of my sex.

"Still," she continues, "I am a little hurt. Back before Marti decided she liked boys, she was jealous enough to try and get rid of my boyfriends. You'd think that now that she's looking at girls again..."

We both must have looked kind of uncomfortable because Maggie busted out laughing. "Kidding. Seriously, I don't need that drama. Besides, if he'd met you while we were still together, I wouldn't have stood a chance."

We soon had our attention distracted by the televisions tuned to NESN and Daisuke Matsuzaka making his first spring training start for the Red Sox. It was kind of funny, considering what we'd been talking about, for the three of us to be giving our opinions of how cute he is - with the stipulation, of course, that we'll find him much cuter if he can manhandle major league hitters the way he did those kids from Boston College.

Anyway, we had documentation saying there was nothing funky going on when Amy arrived last night and found us sharing sofa space after Gertie let her in. "Like I told you, weird is part of our lives. I don't think you can read much more into this than 'Marti likes Kate and Kate likes Marti'."

Are you sure, she said, because I went out with Akira on Saturday, and it was kind of weird.

Kate and Gertie lean forward, asking how at the same time. Kate laughs, saying that's a girl reaction Amy and I haven't assimilated yet. Gertie agrees, then starts practicing interrogation. "Was he a creep?"

"No, he was very respectful. Almost... I kind of wondered if maybe I was a jerk with women in my previous life, because there were two or three times when I realized that I was expecting him to touch my shoulder or my butt or something because, you know, the opportunity is there and in his situation, I'd maybe take it in his position, and I didn't want him to, so I was glad he didn't..."

Hey, I said, it's tough adjustment. But it's kind of good that you're thinking that way, right - it's kind of access to your previous life.

Yeah, but... What if I don't like it? I mean, if that's how I was thinking, and what if I was that Korpin guy? Maybe it's better that I don't remember.

Well, you're not Korpin, Kate says, there's two sets of nanos in your bloodstream. If you were, you'd probably instinctively speak Russian, right? And you don't. Besides, even if you do remember - you don't have to be bound by that. New life, right?

I guess. Just... He's asked me out again.

We can't tell you what to do. If you like him, just hang out. Look at us, I said. You really never know where anything will head.

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