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Tuesday, February 27, 2007
It's not coming out
I'm not sure what the thing Kate and I have going is, and it probably doesn't matter, but there is, as you might imagine, some pressure on us to name it. Jen's probably stumbling on it the most - the three of us have hung out together, going to movies, concerts, and clubs, or going shopping, for three and a half years, and she's known Kate even longer. She's seen how Kate's and my tastes lined up pretty well, and now she's wondering if she was a third wheel all that time.

Because of that, she was one of the first people we told last week, even though it had seemed way too early to tell anyone. Gertie, after all, was going to catch us together on some night where there was no snowstorm for an excuse, and we each came up with a couple scenarios where that resulted in Jen finding out in a way that would feel like we'd been hiding something from her, and that wasn't what we wanted. So we met up for dinner last Tuesday at Fire & Ice. We were kind of insistent, and she looked a little embarrassed bringing Eloise into the restaurant with her. She apologized, although we said she never needed to apologize for giving her a chance to see our favorite girl.

"So what's the big..." she started, then stopped as we grasped each other's hands on the tabletop. "Oh. I... ah... I see. Uh, how long?"

We told her about Valentine's Day, but, really, that seemed like it was just an acknowledgment. "After all," I said, smiling a bit, "she's been chasing guys away when we've gone out together for weeks."

"I have not!" Then she thinks a little, and blushes. "Well, not so I was thinking about it."

Jen finds her food really interesting at this point, and we're all eating when she blurts out. "Pheremones. You remember the whole targeted pheremone deal, right? Could it be that again?" I tell her I've already called Maggie, and she's going to take a whole bunch of blood in a few days to make sure we're each ourselves and that there's nothing else wacky in our bloodstreams.

"Oh. Okay. So, when you're... you know... which one..."

Kate tells her that we both kind of do everything. Yes, I say, it's not like either of is pretending to be a man or anything. Although Kate points out that I apparently still totally do the holding doors open thing.

Huh. I hadn't noticed.

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