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Monday, January 08, 2007
City Girls
Well, it's another day - another week in fact - but I don't know how story-worthy bailing from work on Friday was. Kate's sister Lisette had gotten her theater tickets for Christmas, for a show that Friday. It seems like kind of an odd thing to do - Kate isn't seeing anybody right now, and hasn't for months, so why give her a pair of tickets for something just four days away?

Of course, it's not like Kate would have any trouble finding a man to go with her; I figure it would take her roughly thirty seconds if she just went into and made it clear she was looking, and I told her as much. Well, sure, she says, although it might take her a full minute because she can't just whip out the boobs quite like I can, but what kind of first impression does going to "The Evil Dead: The Musical" make on a guy?

I'd have thought it was hot, evidence that there was a really cool geek girl hiding behind the designer clothes. Exactly, she says, and you'd be dead right and in luck if it were my little sister who walked into that hypothetical room trolling for guys. But does "The Evil Dead" really reflect her tastes?

I had to admit, it didn't. She can take that sort of thing in small doses, but going out with someone who wants to do that all the time? Uh-uh. She's sorry if that makes her sound like a snob, but that's who she is - she's not going to give in to start a relationship.

Anyway, Kate and I wound up taking the Acela to New York, grabbing a quick supper, and then heading to the theater. I, personally, enjoyed the show immensely; I've liked Sam Raimi's Evil Dead movies in both my lives, and not only did the lead actor do a good job of capturing Ash despite not being Bruce Campbell, but some of the songs were fun, too. I'm usually not a big fan of musicals - there doesn't seem to be much middle ground with them, they're either a whole lot of fun or terrible. But I liked "Cabin in the Woods", "What the Fuck Was That?", "All The Men In My Life Are Killed By Kandarian Demons", and "You Blew That Bitch Away!" I like me my horror movies, and this was more fun than the usual whiny ballads or self-serving odes to how great music is.

We stayed the night at Lisette's apartment, since her roommate was out of town visiting her own family. That was a little freaky, since said roommate looks to be a complete girly-girl with photo collages on the wall, a terrifying dresser with a lighted mirror, fold-out jewelry boxes and mannequin heads to hold her wigs, and a pink CD player stocked with music I'd never think of owning.

And morning... Three of us trying to use one bathroom. Kate had apparently told Lisette about me because she had a comment when I was in an out in ten minutes and didn't bother with much makeup on a Saturday where I'd be spending a fair amount of time on a train. I like Lisette, and got a chance to talk with her while Kate made herself pretty for the day; she's a grad student at NYU and wanted to know if she could write a screenplay based on my life - only more artsy and with an actual conclusion. I told her I was reserving that right for myself.

So, not a whole lot of drama - the city was even more overcrowded than usual with New Year's Eve coming up, so we bolted in the afternoon. I don't regret cutting work to see the show, but I'm wiped from trying to basically fit an extra day's worth into last week. I've barely had time to touch base with Amy to see how she made out with her trip home, but I gather she's busy too - Harvard's got a weird schedule where there's a "reading period" between Christmas Break and the actual Finals, and her current life is all about studying.

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