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Tuesday, January 16, 2007
Another break-in
Amy's room was ransacked sometime yesterday. She and her roommate had just returned from a long session at the library, studying for finals (I don't quite understand how Harvard's system works), only to find her desk and dresser emptied, and all sorts of papers strewn all over the place - just separating her stuff from Tricia's would be the work of an evening. Whoever did this even removed the hard drives from their laptops.

They called the campus police right away, with Amy specifically asking for Gertie. They couldn't quite think of a pretense for asking me over, although we met Amy for a late dinner afterward. I don't know how much Amy's roommate knew about the whole mind-swapping thing before - I think she might have heard us talking about it but thought it was some sort of weird role-playing thing; she'd never taken it seriously. Having one's privacy invaded that may makes it serious, though, and she was more than a little horrified to find out that the Amy Sanada she's rooming with is not the one she met last year. That Amy had thought she was until fairly recently didn't much matter; Tricia stuffed some clothes into a bag while running down the list of every contact on her cell phone to find a new place to sleep, at least for the night.

I don't think any of us really blames her. Sure, she had already kind of bought in to getting to know Amy all over again when she returned from the summer with amnesia and they had built a new friendship in the past four months, but the bottom line was that living with Amy isn't exactly safe, and even if they've had a month to get a little complacent, it may not be safe for a while.

I ask if anything has changed recently, and Amy says not really. She's started keeping a dream diary on the advice of both her psychiatrist and the neurologist she went to see after we found out her amnesia is likely the result of physical trauma, but it's not like she'd even partially remembered anything useful since she'd started - a vague dream of playing basketball, which nothing at her parents' house suggested any previous affinity for.

Gertie was the one who suggested they may have been looking for the diary; after all, whoever "they" are may be okay with letting Amy be so long as she doesn't remember anything, but as soon as she does she'll become dangerous. She asks how this group would even know about the diary, and we quickly come up with a dozen ways. We'll try to dig up any information we can - Amy's neurologist works at Wei's hospital, so maybe we can find something out that way - but it's gotten to the point where it's really a job for professionals.

Great blog! I really enjoy it!
How would they know the diary existed, unless they bugged her apartment or phones (...or yours), and if they knew it existed, what earthly use would the specifics of her dreams be? Perhaps they'd be of interest scientifically, but mere science seems like a weak motive for tipping their hand by such a drastic move.
Perhaps something important was hidden among Amy's stuff, which she didn't even know about?
Maybe they're trying to determine what happened to Korpin. If so, that would mean that someone knew Amy was his target destination.

Or perhaps Amy's parents are attempting to ascertain the cause of the changes they see in their daughter.
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