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Thursday, August 03, 2006
I almost think I might be done with this
... and then I see a big-time spike in readership when I wasn't doing much of anything, so I guess some people are still interested in my situation. I haven't been posting much for a number of different reasons: Stuff piled up at work during vacation - us database folks basically have a queue that we attack, and when one person goes on break, it doesn't empty out as fast. Since the department is sort of rotating vacations starting with me, that delicate equilibrium has been upset. It's also been ridiculously hot and the air conditioner in my bedroom where the computer is has been on the fritz, and the super has been taking his sweet time getting it fixed. (Oooh, if we hadn't just signed another one-year lease...) So I've been spending less time sitting at the computer when I'm home and more time sitting by the river, trying to work my way through a pile of reading material that I've been accruing for a while.

But, mainly, there just hasn't been anything really mind-transfer-oriented in my life lately. Which is great; it means there's less stress and I imagine Alex is enjoying the lack of reminders that I may have had more girlfriends than him back in my first life. Still, it makes it tough to fill this with content; after all, I don't like to spend my time reading about the ordinary. It's why I love comics and science fiction and the like; show me something that I can't get by eavesdropping on the people at the next table in a restaurant, you know? And my life hasn't exactly been full of that lately.

Still, I miss the writing. I've started taking to outlining things on a pad when I'm on the bus. Trouble is, when I'm writing a story, I always quit on it because once I've figured out how it ends, I sort of lose interest. I need some discipline.

discipline?... join the Army! :-P

I'm just glad you hadn't forgotten about us altogether. :-)

I'd have missed ya' if you left us like that. ;-)
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