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Thursday, June 22, 2006
Stuff we really shouldn't be doing on our work computers
For me, at least today, that was booking a hotel room and bus tickets for Montreal. I'd like to say it's bus tickets just because I'm cheap, but I'm not - Alex apparently hates to fly. Not like Sam does, apparently, but enough to get nervous. I'm pretty cheap, anyway, so I'm not totally annoyed, but the difference between ninety minutes on a plane and a seven-hour bus ride is worth a couple hundred bucks.

It's going to be fun. The second thing I've been doing is repeatedly checking the Fantasia website to see if they've started putting the list of films up yet. It's rather nerve-wracking, planning a vacation around an event without really having much specific idea what it will involve. Of course, that's also half the fun - getting there, looking at the program, trying to figure out which films you want to watch based on the program, especially if they're going to be doing the DVD-o-trailers thing again (another reason why Fantasia kicks ass - the program is three dollars Canadian and includes a DVD with an hour and a half of trailers. More film festivals should do that).

Of course, I'm not the only one doing that. Not necessarily booking travel arrangements, but I walked past Dave's cubicle and caught him looking at... Well, not quite porn, but girls with not much on.

It's tremendous fun to walk up behind guys when they're doing that and say you're trying to read the URL. You've got to be wearing quiet shoes and hoping that you're not casting a shadow, but sometimes a guy can jump like a very twitchy thing. I did it back in my previous life, and it would just be embarrassing, just being caught doing something you really aren't supposed to be doing. I've been on the other side, too, of course, so it's just, you know, awkward, and you hit Alt-Tab and say that a friend, you know, sent you an email, and that friend is a jerk...

I do it now, and awkward doesn't really begin to cover it. I'm beginning to think that there's no way to get it down to awkward, which is a bummer. After all, I still like looking at pretty girls even I'm not looking to sleep with them. You try to tell someone this, though, and not everyone gets that aesthetics and attraction don't have to be linked together. They're afraid I'll make a sexual harrassment suit out of it.

Not likely, unless I'm sexually harrassing myself.

The list of films is up. Which ones do you plan to see?

We'll start with The Descent and Seven Swords opening night, of course, but after that, it's a matter of negotiations. I want to see all the Japanese and Korean stuff I can; he's much more psyched about the UK horror spotlight. We'll probably spend a good chunk of the bus ride north on Thursday with a printout of the schedule and runtimes trying to figure everything out.
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