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Sunday, June 18, 2006
Walking home from a movie this afternoon, the time and temperature sign on Brookline Avenue said 97 degrees Fahrenheit. Which is much hotter than it should be. I mean, that's still under body temperature, right? So it shouldn't bother us so much when the mercury gets so high. But we've got an ocean and a river to pump humidity into the air, and skin's a pretty good insulator, so it's not exactly comfortable.

Speaking of skin...

It's just the perils of meeting new people and being honest with them, I guess, but I have to have this talk with someone every year, when the mercury rises and I start wearing smaller clothes. Yesterday, Alex and I are walking down by the Charles and some guy makes a comment we're probably not meant to hear after we walk past in the other direction ("God, I love summer!"). Alex asks me if that bugs me, and I have to remind him that I know what's going through a guy's mind better than most girls. Heck, I thought some of them while I was getting dressed in the morning. Although I was a little more critical. I mean, I went for the short shorts and put the cleavage on display, but I didn't figure I was quite ready to show off the belly button. I'm not fat by any means, but there's still a little cold-weather weight I need to swim off.

Fortunately, Alex is being cool about it - or as "cool" as you can be in this weather. He got to peel the white top off me after it started to rain a little on our way home last night.

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