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Wednesday, May 10, 2006
I've grown to hate my cell phone, just in terms of how Agent Jones knows about it and will call it at any point to go give a look-see to what some nineteen year-old girl is doing, and does it look like she's got the mind of a man in his mid-thirties trying to impersonate a nineteen year-old girl? I almost wonder if he'd be better off asking Kate and Jen to handle it, since they've observed me and can probably spot Korpin doing anything weird that I also did better. Of course, Jen's right out because she's seven months pregnant. Apparently the doctors are discouraging her from thinking of "pregnant" as a synonym for "disabled", not that Jen's the type to think that way in any case. Still, she's getting conspicuous.

Kate and Carter did hang out with me and Alex at a sports bar last night. There were at least three of them there, seniors and grad students. At least the game was pretty kick-ass, better than tonight's. We made sure to nurse our drinks, stretching out two apiece. By now, if Korpin is one of the girls we were looking at, she's got to be totally aware she's being watched, and is probably going home, noting how long it's been since the last time one of us was keeping tabs on her, seeing it's been five days instead of four, speculating that either the investigation is being downgraded or we're off her trail.

So, that's disillusioning. I suspect that we're not going to know anything until very close to the end of the semester, if not after that. I think it's going to be a near thing.

- Marti
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