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Tuesday, April 25, 2006
I think I've found my limit in how much movie-watching I can do.
Trying to take in an entire film festival was Kate's idea. She, of course, blames me, saying that it was me talking about how kick-ass seeing a couple dozen films in a week and a half at Fantasia was that inspired her to suggest we see as much of the Independent Film Festival of Boston as possible. Since Carter was out of town for the weekend and I had just blown Alex's mind, it seemed like a good idea, so we pre-ordered tickets.

It's not. I was on vacation for Fantasia, so there was no trying to get to work early and then riding the bus for an hour (with a transfer to the subway or another bus) on the way back hoping to get to the theater on time. Stressful! And by the time the festival comes, me and Alex are trying to make nice again, so I want to fit time for him in, because otherwise he's kind of "so, you'd rather spend a whole weekend with another girl than me".

It's kind of funny, really. He met up with us at the Coolidge on Friday night for The Legend of Lucy Keyes (a Massachusetts-based ghost story) and Death Trance (I told Kate that if we were doing this, we were seeing the crazy midnight action movies). Kate's done the pass thing so she saves us mere ticket-holders seats. I don't know whether he's turned on or weirded out by me saying how hot Julie Delpy is and that I had a crush on her in my first life. Or maybe he was just ticked that Kate brought it up.

I wouldn't necessarily blame him if he thought Kate was trying to mess things up. She wasn't; it's just that keeping quiet about something is not in her nature, and having done the "don't mention Marti's past" when around Alex had driven her nuts, so she was just really enjoying being able to talk about it, not quite realizing that "Marti liked hot French girls when she was Martin" would creep him out.

And then, after the crazy Japanese heavy metal swordplay epic, we just miss the last train for her to get back downtown, and just miss the last bus (man, I miss the Night Owl service), so we wind up walking back to my apartment. Gertie and I have a couch that folds out, but that's not quite enough for everyone. Alex gets all weirded out sharing a bed with me for the first time with Kate in the next room, but isn't exactly thrilled with the idea of her sharing my bed, either. Eventually, Kate calls a cab and Alex takes the couch anyway, since the mood is pretty much dead.

We go out for breakfast the next morning, and hash some stuff out - Kate and I both prefer guys for the sex, so get over it, and you thought Kate was pretty cool before you knew how I came to be. I concede that I should have told him early on, because no good can come of holding it in. I promise that unless Korpin resufaces, this coming weekend is all his.

Kate and I meet up again around five, and I think we were both pretty spent by the time we got to our second movie of the day. She claims to have been awake for enough of The Piano Tuner of Earthquakes to explain what was going on, but I can't very well verify that, can I?

Last night was The Proposition, a damn good Aussie Western that opens in a few weeks. Kind of slow going at first, until the "OMFG that's half his head!" moment, from which point forward it's just completely intense. That started and ended late, so by the time I got to bed last night...

Well, let's just say I'm really enjoying sitting in a comfy chair watching the ballgame tonight.

See, too much time between posts. Going from Alex not hanging up on you, to... what - possibly "getting it on" this weekend. I feel like I missed something. :-P
cj--you are right about the time between posts. I can see the next post now..."So Brad and I just got back from our honeymoon...."
I think it was posted earlier that the posts would be less frequent. Although I must admit this has really become a blog about movies, and when something interesting to the larger storyline comes up it usually only lasts one or two posts and then it's off to the multiplex again! I do want to say I admire the dedication to entertain us all with this blog the last couple of years. Thanks.
Yep, the post-frequency change was mentioned in a previous post.

My comment was more on the HUGE jump from being "estranged" (more or less) to "gettin' busy" without any middle-ground story.
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