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Tuesday, March 21, 2006
So how 'bout that World Baseball Classic?
Didn't expect much from it, but it wound up being pretty darn good. I have to admit, I was disappointed Japan got in over Korea. The ROK team was surprisingly good, and as much as I like Ichiro, the smack he was talking about the rest of the Asian teams wasn't cool. Besides, I've got an irrational fondness for Byun-hyung Kim (or is it Kim Byun-hyung?); he really saved the Sox during the summer of '03 and got about ten times as much crap dumped on him than he deserved when things went wrong. I don't really believe in chokers, and think it's unfortunate that people remember him giving up home runs and not his arm being slagged the previous game.

That game kept me up late enough to make me late for work this morning. First time at this job. Not actually late, I guess, but in after nine, which means staying until almost six if I'm going to get a full eight hours in, then it takes an hour to get back here...

You know, the first time I was in my mid-twenties, I think I was more ambitious. Of course, it was the whole dot-com boom back then, but I was glad to work ten hours a day and come in on the occasional weekend. I tell myself that I was motivated by the whole stock option thing, where the harder you worked the more you built the value of the itty bitty chunk of the company you owned, and now I know better, but I wonder sometimes if it's a brain thing. How ambitious was Shelley? The impression I get sometimes is that she wasn't lazy, but didn't exactly live to work.

As much as I like being a little more relaxed, I don't think I quite want to be that girl. I'd like to build toward something. I hope I'm not hard-wired not to.

I suppose I should talk to Telly about this, but we haven't talked much the past couple months, and I don't know as that's the conversation I want to start with.

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