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Thursday, March 30, 2006
Saw a good movie last night.
But first, it was workout day. I've slacked a little on that for the past couple weeks, because it's been cold or there was that Underground Film Festival. The other thing is that I usually go swimming with Jen, and she tends to pester me about working out - she sees how I'll eat left to myself, and it's something we can do together as friends - I was unattached until recently, and she kind of glazes over when Kate and I hit a movie. Now that she's starting to show, however, she's kind of self-conscious about hanging around with other people in tights or a bathing suit. And of course, she won't believe it when folks tell her she's glowing and all that; she just feels heavy and awkward and goes on about how the human birth canal is designed for a mammal that walks on four legs and is really ill-suited for something walking upright.

I'd say encouraging words, but I completed a lap faster than her for the first time ever last night.

Anyway, after that I met up with Kate and we went to see Unknown White Male. Kind of a showy director, but the central idea of how a guy who suddenly loses his memory without any explanation rebuilds his life and personality is something that, obviously, interests me. I'd read up on a lot of this stuff, so I knew about the three types of memory, but it was interesting to watch this documentary about how someone else with identity issues pieced together his self. The guy in the movie lost all his "episodic" memory, and apparently some "semantic", but kept most of the "procedural". He had to re-experience what things tasted like for the first time, but still knew how to do stuff. He'd meet his family again and not necessarily recognize them, but feel a connection. The film ends about two years after it starts, and he's got a new girlfriend, his photography is markedly different, and he's not terribly interested in regaining his memory, since he's afraid it'll make him a different person.

Not stuff that's directly applicable to my situation, although thinking about memory raises a whole bunch of interesting questions. Like how, since we don't record memories like video tape, but as heavily cross-referenced metadata, I might sometime start remembering my first life in terms of my current one. Probably not so extensive that I'll "remember" wearing a dress to the prom, but maybe I'll slip up and "remember" pulling my hair back when I had to puke or something.

Fascinating stuff, and it's always nice to have a reminder to get on with your life instead of moping. Not that I need that, but there will come a time when I'm apt to mope later.

Anyway, time to head for bed and get a good night's sleep. Alex is finally getting lucky tomorrow night after he gets me dinner and a movie, so I want to do the "early to work, early home" thing so I can take advantage of even-more-casual-than-usual Friday at the office and still have time to look snazzy after the hour-long bus ride home.

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