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Wednesday, March 15, 2006
Quick thoughts
Heh. If I'm going to change ISPs, I should probably change my email address, shouldn't I? --sigh-- There's one instance of where my address exists on the internet changed. Roughly twenty thousand to go.

Also: If anyone knows how to make an older model ReplayTV (mine's a 3060) download schedule data without having it connected to a telephone line, I'd greatly appreciate it. Right now, I have to program mine like a VCR, which is annoying. It also made me miss the USA-Korea World Baseball Classic game, because apparently neither ESPN station could be bothered to show it live, and I recorded four hours of other stuff by setting the manual record to ESPN rather than ESPN2. Sure, I could have gotten it right, but I paid good money to have the scheudle data there.

After two and a half years, certain ladies' attire things still confuse me. It's especially brutal now, when we're on the cusp of the season's changing. It got pretty close to sixty degrees this weekend, meaning that there were folks wearing shorts to do their jogging. Now, I like breaking out the warm-weather attire early as much as anyone, if only because it means doing less laundry, but that's too soon. What I really don't get is the sweater Gertie was wearing. Knit woolen, but bend a little one way or the other and she's exposing skin. I mean, if it's cold enough to wrap yourself in a sweater, it's cold enough for that sweater to overlap with your pants, right?

I wonder how much stuff like that people pick up on. I was at the comic shop, and I was getting some goofy old Dan DeCarlo sci-fi/cheesecake thing. Is that a girly thing? How weird is me not wearing jewelry or only wearing makeup when I'm going out? My friends get it and Alex seems cool with it, but he's only known me a few weeks and doesn't know what he's getting into.

Not that I feel any obligation to act girlier or anything. I'm kind of settled into who I am; I just don't know how I come across to others sometimes.

Every girl is a bit different than the others when it comes to fashion, style , and other appearance-associated matters.

That's part of what makes everyone unique.

If you're happy with how you're presenting yourself... and your presentation is not detrimental to your ability to remain happy (i.e. you won't lose your job), then you should be just fine, IMO.
cj sounds like he's in the ballpark. You think the sweater thing is sick? Try the cute girl in my NYC neighborhood who's out in the middle of freaking snowstorms with this really sexy little jacket that ends a good three inches above her low slung jeans. I mean, yeah, she looks hot in the outfit, at some level, but I can't imagine there's anything sexy about a frostbitten navel. Add the big mittens, the honking big scarf, and the patch of skin, not matter how buff, is looking pretty bizzare.

I suspect the place where you'll have to pay careful attention is when you get to social situations that call for semi-formal, or full formal clothing. I mean, there's an amazing amount of complexity out there. Dresses which require certains types of arcane strapless bras, layering tricks. (So it's skin, bra, chemise, blouse, jacket....Skin, thong, gater belt/stockings/slip,skirt. Wowzers. )

- Z
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