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Thursday, February 09, 2006
Time passes
Not much time tonight, since Blogger is apparently doing a maintenance thing at midnight. Figures, right? Since this is one of the first times I've had time to sit down and write a little bit and had the inclination to do so after being at work in front of a computer all day, there's a time limit on it.

Last week was my Martin-birthday. Thirty-two years of life experience for me, thirty-two years of wear and tear on the body for Carter. We had our first double-birthday party, since last year things were still really weird between us, and Carter wasn't really into really acknowledging the composit identity back then. Now, he's a little more accepting. I guess it's a matter of him not finding that body as completely unacceptable as a girl's, but having to confront the real differences. Basketball, apparently, isn't nearly as much fun as it was for someone six inches taller. It's an adjustment.

So, anyway, double party at Kate's place. Good job on her part, too, throwing a surprise party for two people with different but overlapping groups of friends, one of whom is not just her boyfriend by lives nearby. It was also a sort of substitute for Jen & Carlos's usual Super Bowl party, since they're in the middle of moving. Also, Jen's starting to show, which means no drinking, and time to be all grown-up and not going to parties and stuff.

This conveniently means there's no Valentine's Day stuff going on. Which is cool, because I'm having trust issues, as you might imagine.

Other random stuff: This would be my thirty-second birthday, which is a big one in nerd terms, power of two and all. 10,0000 years old, binary.

Also, I've apparently been summoned for jury duty in April. Out in Ayer. Which is like an hour away on the commuter rail. Which doesn't run early enough in the morning to get me there in time, so I'd have to get a ride from someone or stay in a hotel the night before. I mean, gads, they've got courts in Cambridge, why send me to Ayer?

Well, five minutes left. Better save this.

Hey, you can now claim to be 0x20 (32 in hex) years old. Twenty is probably closer to your apparent age anyway, so people might even buy it.
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