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Tuesday, February 21, 2006
Another SF marathon
I was kind of whiny in my last post about Valentine's Day, doing my usual thing and acting like the world revolves around me (which it doesn't, even if this blog does), that I didn't mention that the whole thing more-than-kind-of sucked for Gertie, too. Her boyfriend is deployed somewhere in Iraq, and he apparently didn't get a chance to make a phone call. They email all the time, but it's not the same.

I can't imagine that. I haven't had a long-distance relationship in either life, and it strikes me that I probably haven't loved someone enough to do it. I haven't been tested, but considering I haven't made a relationship stick longer than a year when it was convenient, but Gertie and Steve have apparently stuck it out for close to that long in the current situation, longer than they were together before that.

(If I ever did do the long-distance thing, it would probably be out of laziness more than passion - I'd be able to have a boyfriend and thus avoid the whole dating thing)

Still, she was kind of bummed out last week, and when she had the holiday off, she decided to tag along with me to the Boston Sci-Fi Marathon (in West Newton). After all, she says, it's not safe for a girl to descend into that hive of nerdity alone, so she'd be doing me a service by being more attractive, and thus deflecting much male attention because she's taken. I point out that I know nerds, for they are my people, and they have simple tastes; my boobs will probably trump her cheekbones and naturally blonde hair. And I speak their language. Ah, but she says, they're smart, and thus likely have more discerning tastes. I mentioned that these people were paying money to see Konga, so both intelligence and taste were in question.

It's fun, of course. The last time I went to the West Newton Cinema I was a man, so it's kind of been blotted out and distrusted because all my context is different. I recommend it if it's local or you can get transportation schedules to work out (which almost never happens - the buses go directly there don't run on the weekend, and the commuter rail doesn't stop at the station on every trip); it's an eclectically programmed arthouse with really good popcorn and decent projection.

The Marathon itself had a good mix of stuff from different decades. Gertie had never seen the original King Kong, and I had somehow missed Eight Legged Freaks when it was in theaters. We bailed for pizza during Buckaroo Banzai, and kept each other awake except for about fifteen minutes during The Crazies. There wasn't much opportunity to flirt; it's an event that has been going on long enough to be bringing their kids, or at least having my apparent age being under their half-and-seven numbers. Got more notice at the pizza place, but he turned his nose up when I said I was there for the sci-fi thing. Like you'd have had any chance, musician.

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