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Thursday, January 26, 2006
Thoroughly trivial crap
I've probably written this before, because the comedown from the drama is always quicker and more complete than it seems like it should be. Lots of crazy shit happens one week, which came at the end of an eventful month, and then it just gets eerily quiet. Telly's still not talking to me, and I haven't pressed the issue. Agent Smith and company say that Mikail Korpin hasn't been spotted in any local airports or bus or train stations. No fingerprints at any crime scenes in the past week.

I gather the Russians are pissed. I can't say I'd blame them - wanted criminal not only enters the country despite all the "security" added since 9/11 (aside - I don't recall feeling safer when people at the airport were rifling through my underwear on the way to Montreal), but actually spends time in the local FBI field office without being arrested and extradited. They, I imagine, are getting drama, specifically ass-reamings from their superiors, both from the ones who are officially in the loop and the ones who aren't. I am so glad I am not part of the official investigation, or I would be afraid for my job.

And me? Nothing exciting. I got really frustrated by it seeming to take twice as long to get to work Monday morning because of the snow. I waited a long time in line at the post office to send something to my mother, and had all my bills come back the next day because I forgot the price of a stamp went up. I spilled coffee on a brand new pair of pants.

Maybe I shouldn't be this on edge, but I think I'd feel an awful lot better if maybe there was some small weird thing going on right now, just so that I could sort of come down slow.

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