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Wednesday, January 04, 2006
Really just one New Year's Resolution this year, but it's kind of a biggie: Get this thing published in some way.

Probably just a Print-on-Demand thing via, but it'll be something to hold in my hands, which is, of course, the coolest thing imaginable. So, anyway, this blog will probably get rather meta on occasion, as I make entries about the process of taking the blog you're reading and making a book out of it.

Anyway, one thing I'm going to do, just to make sure I'm covered legally, is offer anyone a chance to opt in or out of having their comments included. The Blogger terms of service state that the "ember will retain copyright ownership and all related rights for information he or she publishes through Blogger or otherwise enters into Blogger-related services." Which means I own all of this, but once we get down to the "Add Comment" section, it seems to get murkier, which could be trouble, since some of that stuff is pretty vital, and I'd sort of rather not write substitute entries (can you imagine Volume 1 of this being published without XY and Proud? Just wouldn't be the same).

So, new rule here: I'm going to assume that comments made to this blog are OK for inclusion. If you don't wish your comments to be included, please respond with a comment here or an email to, and I'll try to work around you.

Also, I'm going to need some sort of cover and maybe spot illustrations, and although I can't pay anything up front for them, I'm willing to allocate up to 25% of the profits to the artist, especially if they can help with layout and design work.

So... That's it. Back to wacky adventures tomorrow (or it could just be a quiet day).

Hey Marti, good luck with your book. Let me know how it goes.

Henry Hutton
Good for you... Anything I've posted is fair game.

- Z
If I left anything more identifiable than "cj", nix it... otherwise, I'm good.

Keep us all posted, and Good Luck!
Use 'em with my blessings. Good luck.
You know it's cool with me. Good luck
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