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Saturday, January 21, 2006
I've had worse weeks. Not recently, though.
It's no fun to write about being made a complete ass of. I suppose it just goes to show that there's no sort of "gaydar" among those of us who have been exchanged; otherwise, I probably wouldn't have slept with two people who aren't totally who they said they were. And no pheremones making my brain goofy this time. This was all just me believing something because I wanted to. I'm an idiot.

So, my message of Tuesday got to everybody but Telly. Since I was way the heck out in Waltham, I missed all the "good stuff", with the Feds going to Telly's apartment, finding Mikail Korpin not there, because he's gone to meet with Telly after he got off work at the record store. I didn't find out why half the Boston FBI office was on this case until later, but they apparently got to where Telly works just after they'd left.

Korpin, I'm now told, has international warrants out for his arrest. He - and I'm throwing up in my mouth just thinking this - traffics in black market transplant organs. According to Jones, this makes everything make a lot more sense: Why would a smuggler want to hide out as a computer programmer. But if he just facilitated someone else... Yeah, that'd be more his business.

So, they finally caught up with Korpin and Telly while they were eating, but Korpin had experience in spotting police officers, and a hostage. He must have been looking over his shoulder the entire time, just waiting for the Feds to finally figure out who he was. He wound up giving them the slip, but not before using his steak knife to give Telly a nasty gash on his arm. That must have been horrible for Telly. He still hadn't put together that Mikail had been playing us for the past month - hell, playing everyone since at least August, starting with emails to see if he could fool Michelle's friends long enough for whatever he's been doing. Telly thought his sister was cutting him.

He doesn't want to see me right now. He must figure the whole thing is my fault, like I should have known Korpin wasn't who he said, or I shouldn't have been in Shelley's body in the first place. I can't really blame him. I should have seen something.

And now this guy's loose, and I hope the FBI can get a list of American contacts from their counterparts in Russian and Interpol, because I really don't like the thought of this creep being free.
Wait, wasn't Mikail Korpin killed in Carter's body? So who the heck was in the body of Mikail Korpin?

Does anyone know, or have I just gotten lost? Mikhail Korpin presumably *wasn't* the guy in Carter's body. But why did you think that Korpin was the guy in Carter's body, then? Presumably, Korpin must have had access to the real Shelly in whatever body she's now in in order to convince so many people who knew her that he was her...

Also, what was his game here? He must have known that the blood tests would come back this way. So what was he trying to do?
The Feds, if I remember correclty, had a computer file that listed the various switches. Korpin's name was on the list. Apparently, that indicated a switch brokered by Korpin, as opposed to one involving him.
Okay, thanks for straightening that out - I was quite confused there. Must be a real mess for you though, if I was confused.
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