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Tuesday, January 03, 2006
In business
The bus ride is fifteen minutes longer, I've got to make sure I catch just the right one or it's thirty minutes of waiting, at least. I'm spending the whole week learning a new database. I'm meeting new co-workers. It's been years since I've been in this situation - I've had three jobs since being in this body, but this is the first time I feel like I'm going to be challenged at work. Well, at least be challenged by the work.

The morning was spent filling out forms. Contact names, 401k information. Choosing a doctor and dentist for insurance purposes. I have gotten decent health care over the past few years, because BioSoft was good about it even for the receptionist, and the Feds have occasionally made sure that I got physicals, if only out of scientific curiosity.

So, now it's Misha's turn to go through that. As I mentioned to Kate today, I was as careful as usual New Year's Eve (well, Early New Year's Day), but who knows what he could have picked up overseas. Maybe that's small-minded of me, but his stories of the past two years didn't just feature that mail-order-bride in training. And, hey, no problem, I had my promiscuous period once I got used to the idea of liking sex, but I also got into the condom habit pretty quickly, while Misha admitted to getting a little more reckless since the switch. Feeling indestructable, you know.

I made sure I advised Misha to get a physical when he talked to the FBI tomorrow. If not for me, then for himself - who knows what went on over there.

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