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Tuesday, January 17, 2006
IMPORTANT: If you see Telly or Misha...
God, I hope Telly hasn't mentioned this blog to Misha. And that I had my contact information on the laptop rather than just at home. This is just too damn risky.

Anyway, Kate, Jen, Kurt, Carlos, Carter, Mags, everyone else, and especially Telly: In case you haven't heard from Agent Jones, I just got a call from him, and he said said they just got the "advanced" bloodwork back from Misha's physical.

There are no nanomachine remnants in his blood.

They tested every sample they took. And sure, it's been two years, but every blood sample they've taken from me, Carter, Sam, and even Alexei has trace elements of spent nanomachines in it - even me, who has gone two years without having them used on me. And even if it were just a case that the formulation he used doesn't enter the bloodstream, wouldn't that mean Sam wouldn't have nanos from that exchange, either?

Telly, if you're reading this, Misha is not your sister. If any of you see Misha, call the FBI immediately, and keep your distance.

Mystery, intrigue... suspense. Your life is so much more exciting than mine. A good thing too - any more excitement and my poor heart will break. ;-)
Can't get a break, can you Marti? Let things go well for, what, two weeks, and wham, bam, back into chaos mode.

So... Misha's what... Someone who knows the story, and can fake being Shelly? That's quite a good trick. I mean, one assumes that Telly and Co. did a pretty good job on the "check out the weirdo who claims to be Michelle" drill, no?

I mean, if they've read this blog, anybody from the "opposition" has to know that the FBIs figured out how to test for Nanomachines, eh? And they'd be able to just cook up a dose, and toss 'em in, I'd imagine, with no swap. So, either they're oddly incompetant, or this isn't about getting to Agent Jones and Co.

So... A wonko stalker, who's read your blog, and wants to nail Marti? (Which, I must say, sounds appealing, on some level, the nailing Marti bit, cute gals, who are enthusistic in bed, and can talk a good story about the Red Sox? Pretty, hot, in some ways) But... if so, not too clever, I mean, a) you've talked about the nanos in blood bit before and b) well, heck, I think frankly, once you got past the slight oddness, anyone who hunted you down and said "Hey, read your blog, wanna have a date?" Would at least get a chance at dinner.

Odd. Which, in your life, is the new normal.

- Z
Surely calling your friends to warn them (especially Telly!) would make more sense than trying to warn them here.

Is "Misha" definitely the same as the person who started emailing Michelle's old friends?
I don't like this quiet.
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