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Saturday, December 31, 2005
Endings & Beginnings
I was going to meet Telly & Shelley at the station last night, but the guys from the warehouse wanted to throw me a going-away party. Well, buy me going-away drinks at least. Hey, might as well, after being there a year-plus. I called Telly's mobile to let him know I'd be busy, but that my friend Jen and her husband would be throwing a New Year's Eve party, and everyone is, as you might expect, eager to meet Shelley. Most exciting thing in our lives, as you might imagine.

I liked it, though. I haven't talked much about this job, because as much as I have been able to do some skilled work, it's time filler; stuff I do for eight hours a day to pay for food, shelter, movies, clothes, and the like. As much as the work is repetitive and unexciting, it's been a fun environment. Very much a working-class guys' place, and I admit, someone like Kate would probably file a sexual harassment claim if she worked there. To me, though, it was just locker-room stuff, and most of them are decent enough folks. They'd've resented me if I made them have to censor themselves, so I tried to make them feel comfortable. Besides, I soon discovered that a lot of guys actually back down if you're as up-front as they are. Like, girls aren't supposed to be foul-mouthed and exaggerate their sexual exploits as much as guys do, so it intimidates them a little.

Bunch of drinking, and I'm going to miss them. As much as I like being honest about who I am, I never brought my history up at this job. It's been the one place in my life where I can just be what I appear to be without feeling dishonest.

I got hammered enough to sleep in pretty late this morning. Paying bills with a hangover is not my favorite way to spend a Saturday morning, but by the time I was ready to go out and do some shopping, my head was pretty clear. At least, I hope it was - otherwise the money I spent on a dress with not a lot of material is going to look pretty stupid. But, I wanted something new for tonight, and I admit, I kind of want to be part of the center of attention with Shelley. He was in this body, and though he's got the Greek God thing going now, it can't hurt to show the contrast.

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