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Tuesday, November 15, 2005
It would be cool to only have one thing going at once
I like only having one "project" going at a time. I've always tried to live my life that way, especially my first life. If I'm looking for a new apartment, I don't like also looking for a new job. If I'm putting in a whole bunch of hours at the office, no need to also be hitting the bars trying to pick up girls/guys (depending on who has the complementary sex organs at the time). Heck, I let magazines pile up until I finish a book.

This makes me procrastinate, especially if the second project isn't really a process I enjoy. I mention this because I just got a call about a job interview, and for some trivial amount of time - just seconds, really, but enough to show up as hesitation on a phone call - I thought of saying "thanks, but I've got too much on my plate as it is." My excuse would be the whole "Michelle showing up online" thing.

Which is stupid. The Feds are doing all the heavy lifting there; all I'm doing is being very, very interested in what they find out. But I'm lazy, and I hate interviews, so I've been severely slacking off in terms of even looking for new opportunities. I could use the money and the challenge, but I don't like interviewing. I never liked it, but my recent experiences have been extremely not-cool, and any excuse is a good one to get out of it.

I was about to make excuses, when the HR type on the other end mentioned that it was one of those "bounty" situations, where the company offers their employees a couple hundred bucks if they recommend someone who gets hired. And, apparently, the person who recommended me is one "Carter Drummond".

So, I emailed them a copy of my current résumé. Don't know if it'll get me an interview, but I figure that there's a chance they might at least be open to my wacky history if they've already got Carter on the payroll.


Very interesting archive of your daily life since your switch. I was wondering what has been more difficult for you, switching genders or becoming somebody else? It would seem one let alone two changes would be tough to handle. Maybe you could post a reply? Thanks!
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