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Tuesday, October 25, 2005
Telly doesn't know from tacky
But, speaking of icky - I want to know what that stuff in the back of the fridge was. It's not a problem I often faced, because I never really filled the refrigerator or cabinets up. My food-stocking procedure, at least post-college, had always been pretty basic - I didn't have a car, so I tended to buy no more than I could carry home from the supermarket. That was good for a few days, and when I'd eaten it all, another trip to the grocery store. I probably used something like 20% of the shelf area of a full-sized fridge, and in general, my roommates were the same.

Mo, on the other hand, liked food. She cooked to relax, and then we would have to stretch things out because we have our girlish figures. But, in the meantime, she'd be accumulating supplies for the next apple crisp or whatever struck her fancy. It boggled my mind that that thin little girl could fill the icebox better than I could, even in my previous life. Of course, I was always hyper-sensitive about having too much food in the house because I knew how that body could put on weight (even before really conceiving ever being out of it).

She took most of it when she moved out, but there was a Tupperware container of stuff I couldn't identify. White powder of some kind. Probably flour or sugar or baking soda, but if she didn't take it, maybe she didn't think it was hers, which means it probably belongs to Sam (during that brief period she stayed here) or even Mo's old roommate Mary, since Carter didn't know what I was talking about. And if it's Mary's - well, even if it's something harmless and not heroin or anthrax or whatever, it's been around too long to keep around.

Not gross, but mysterious, and my life's got enough mysteries without there being any in my kitchen.

Anyway. Telly. Got an email from him today mentioning that some old friends of his and Michelle's are having a Halloween party in Salem on Sunday. There are roughly a dozen reasons why I shouldn't go, such as planning on being thoroughly hung over from Jen & Carlos's on Saturday, not really wanting to be in a room full of Michelle's old friends, even if it's actually more Telly's, not knowing if I'd wind up staying overnight and not getting to work.

Besides, it's Salem. The place is creepy, but not in the way it would like to be. Think about it: A city becomes infamous for putting young women on trial for witchcraft, which leads to histeria, and now they push the existence of the supernatural? Strikes me as wrong. I mean, your legacy should be thinking long and hard before attributiing things to the supernatural, right? A healthy skepticism. But that doesn't seem to be the case. Sure, the number of people there who really believe in the mystic stuff, but trivializing it doesn't strike me as much better.

Probably won't go, although Telly's probably going to be making a big thing about it. I feel kind of guilty about not doing anything with my "brother", especially considering how much thought I've been giving to Marty Jr., whose connection to me is much thinner.

You should have Maggie analyze that stuff in the back of the fridge - with your luck...

They put old women and men on trial, too, I note.
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