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Tuesday, October 18, 2005
Strange requests
I got a recorded call from the electric company last night, mentioning that my power would be turned off from 1am to 4am (or therebouts) tonight while they do some repairs or upgrades or something. I appreciate the mention, but I kind of wonder why they considered this the best time - does someone at NStar get a giggle or two out of a whole chunk of Cambridge not having their alarm go off or something.

(Yeah, I know, I should put a battery in there. Funny thing is, I was staring at the battery rack in the supermarket tonight, but couldn't remember whether it was C's or a nine-volt)

Anyway, I've been trying to dodge the phone lately, because it seems like Denise wants to be friends. She and her family are trying to put the wedding together, and there are these constant questions about what Kurt likes, what his family is really like, would this be a good idea? I suppose I see the logic, that she'd think I have some sort of unique insight because I've been his buddy and his girlfriend and seen his family from a perspective that they haven't, but am I someone she really wants getting involved? He dated us at the same time and then I cheated on my boyfriend with him a year later. Her trusting and making nice with me is just unnatural.

Unless it's some sort of keep your friends close but your enemies closer thing. I can respect that.

Carter's a bundle of nerves, too - Marty Junior's first birthday is coming up, and he's been getting rather excited about that. What's kind of odd is that I am, too - I don't keep in as close touch with Nat as he does, since as much as I'm glad my old genes are being passed on and the little guy has said his first words and started doing all the developmental things right on schedule, she kind of creeps me out with her willingness to initiate the body-switching thing last year. I've been a terrible sort-of-aunt, really, but the little guy is important to me. I'm looking forward to Halloween pictures

Really, everyone seems weird lately. Full moon around Halloween, I guess.
A kid that would have been part yours. Must be a bit melancholy, like hitting a fork in the road of life and being able to see where that road leads from where you are on the one you're on.
Halloween this year is the day before new moon, actually; your lycanthropic friends are about as safe as it gets. But then, Cambridge has always been weird.
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