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Wednesday, October 05, 2005
I'm sure, in a few weeks, I'll be used to Gertie's quirks
Like the whole "pants optional" thing. I mean, sure, you see women on TV and in the movies running around their apartments in just a top and panties, but it's not something I've encountered. None of the women I dated in my prior life did it unless the "top" was a nightshirt that came all the way to her knees. Maureen never did it. Carter didn't either, but of course, it's sort of a comfortable-with-your-body thing, and Carter was never that. Sure, I'd occasionally lounge in my underwear when I lived alone, but I was alone and lived on a high enough floor that I didn't worry overmuch about being seen in the window.

It is, as you might imagine, really distracting. I'd set the Replay to record the game so we could watch it when we got home, and out of the corner of my eye, I keep seeing these great legs. Which is cool enough, I suppose, especially since the other option is looking at the horrifying massacre that is the Red Sox playing Chicago. Somewhere around the third inning she realizes this, and gets apologetic because she remembers the whole mind-switching thing, and asks if she should grab some sweatpants or something. It's not meant to be a coming-on thing, just that she feels silly wearing her uniform after she gets home and generally doesn't see the need to create more laundry.

That's sensible. I like that. If I had a job with a uniform I'd feel the same way. And, truth be told, I said, it's not anything really sexual. Just that, even though I've got a boyfriend and what seems to be a decidedly heterosexual sex drive, I still respond to the female form as a visual stimulus far more than the male one. Fortunately, that makes sense to her, and she laughs at my assertion that it's more uncomfortable to be caught turning your head when the lady whose spectacular butt your were following is gay than when she isn't.

She wants to know when she's going to meet this imaginary boyfriend, suggesting that if we haven't talked for almost three weeks, Chet doesn't get to keep the title. In which case, there are a couple of really nice people at work...

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