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Friday, September 30, 2005
The roommate shuffle
The last couple days have been busy at Casa del Hart, with Mo and Anna busily packing Maureen's life up and putting it in boxes. Today, I gather, would be spent on putting the boxes in the back of a truck owned by one of Maureen's siblings and hauling it down the road to Inman Square.

It's strange to be disconnected from that. Maureen and I have been sharing and apartment for over a year, and it's been a dramatic fifteen months for us - we both came out of the closet, in our own way; I discovered I had a biological brother; our other roommate (and her then-girlfriend) did the mind-exchange thing with my old body. And it just struck me, today, that I don't really know how Maureen's family is reacting to her shacking up with Anna. I imagine they'd like Anna, if they got to know her, but I can't imagine them getting to know her, and if there's been any formal introduction/clearing the air, it hasn't happened here. Evidently someone who shares DNA with her is relatively okay with it, since they're helping her move. I must admit, the voyeuristic tendencies that cause one to create and read blogs have me wanting to know what the drama is.

When I get home tonight, the place will be half-empty, and I'll re-discover just how little I have in terms of kitchen supplies, cleaning materials, etc. (Fortunately, all the electronics is mine) Heck, there's a good chance I'll have to hit the supermarket because I've got no idea how much of the food in the fridge Maureen considers hers (we weren't big into labeling) and took with her. I'll have the Replay recording Red Sox-Yankees: Baseball Ragnarok III while heading out to the Brattle to see an Alex de la Iglesia double feature, but the apartment will be empty while I stay up to the wee hours to watch it.

It won't stay that way for long; Miss Gertrude Rubin is moving in tomorrow. She'll be taking the larger room and thus paying $50 more in rent than I am. We'll see what we're short on after she gets unpacked and hit the hardware store if necessary.

It should be fun, I think. She seems really nice, we share interests, and it should be cool to hang out.


-who just now remembers that the shower curtain is Maureen's.
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