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Saturday, August 20, 2005
You'd think a guy from the West Coast could stay up for a game played out there.
I accept California baseball as a necessity for the sport to be our national pastime, but you'll understand if I don't cheer when the Red Sox travel out West, resulting in games starting at 10pm, Boston-time. And with the score tied in the ninth, this threatens to go into extra innings, keeping me up until two or something. At this rate, I'll be napping tomorrow while trying to watch Charlie and the Chocolate Factory at the furniture store. Do any sofa shops other than Jordan's stores in the Boston area have IMAX screens, or is this just a wacky local thing? I have to say, it raises some high expectations - as in, the most comfortable seats of any movie theater ever.

Of course, we're not just going to see the movie - Chet sort of damaged his roommate's recliner while eating, so is replacing it. There are other stores closer, of course, and he may not actually make a purchase tomorrow, but why not check out this unique combination of businesses.

Observation: If Chet's cooking can cause that much damage to a leather chair, what must it be doing to his esophagus? I'm glad he hasn't cooked for me yet.

There should also be nifty, if weird for me personally, news sometime this weekend. Which is good, because I'm both sick of holding it in and nervous.


(Why is Kevin Millar coming into this game that Chet is sleeping through? He sucks at everything! Who in the Red Sox organization did Roberto Petagine upset?)
I suppose that depends on whether his esophagus is Italian and goes with any kind of decor...
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