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Friday, August 05, 2005
Wow, that T-storm came out of nowhere
It started raining hard about ten minutes ago (and I probably shouldn't be using the computer with the lightning and all, but it's on and will stay on until we close in twenty minutes, so I may as well).

I'm guessing that this puts a kibosh on the whole Shakespeare in the park thing Chet and I had planned for tonight. I wonder what we'll do instead. Truthfully, I'm just dreading my walks to and from the bus stop.

Also, what are the odds that this storm hit just before the cable guy was going to climb a pole to re-active our service, as opposed to just after he'd finished? (As to why my cable got shut off earlier this week, Comcast claims it's been disconnected for the better part of a year. True, I can't remember paying a bill, or Maureen mentioning it, but I can't say I recall seeing one, either.)

So, anyway, on the whole "Marti freaking out over Chet maybe giving Carter the eye" thing... One thing I hadn't really considered is that that's my old body and that's what draws Chet's attention. I haven't quite gotten used to it, but I see Carter with the buzz-cut and actual definition to his muscles and I can disassociate myself with that form, but Chet doesn't exactly know what that body looked like three years ago. I suppose, in a way, that makes me being cool with the dresses and heels and cosmetics weirder, because Carter is really starting to project the same sort of overt, almost-aggressive masculinity that the original Carter had when I first met him, without it being over-compensation (which he was doing for a while).

Or maybe I'm still thinking about this way too much.

"Or maybe I'm still thinking about this way too much."

Yep. But then, that's why I read your blog in the first place.
About Shakespeare and cable being ruined-- maybe fate refuses to be mocked.
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