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Sunday, August 28, 2005
More later, but...
I was getting my groceries this morning and walked past some people coming down to the Central Square area for Carnival (there's a pretty decent-sized Brazillian population in that area; it was nuts when they won the world cup.

Some women should not walk around in the middle of the street dressed for Carnival (we're basically talking ornate swimsuits and feathery headdresses). I feel even more strongly about this. Oddly enough, even more strongly than I felt as a man.

Umm...isn't Carnival, you know, in February?
Yes it is -- February-going-on-March (just before Lent, in fact).
I have NO idea what those people are doing -- I LIVE in Brazil, and there are NO festivals at this time of the year.
The best I can guess is... the Brazilian colony in Boston is just enjoying the summer, and doing an extemporaneous kind-of Carnival.
Ornate swimsuits and feathery headdresses? Hell, in Philly's craziness (the Mummer's Parade) the men wear those, too.
that should say that the MEN wear those, too; it doesn't do HTML tags well.
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