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Friday, August 12, 2005
For other people, it would just be looking silly.
Sat on my leg funny while reading on the bus today. Since it wasn't terribly crowded, I didn't have to move much, so I really didn't notice I was cutting off the blood flow from my knee down. End result, my leg's asleep, and when it comes time to get off the bus, I fall on my butt because it just doesn't seem to respond when I try to put my weight on it, and then I look like a fool trying to walk away.

This happens every once in a while, because I can be sort of absent-minded, and it happened to me a lot in my previous life, too. But every time it happens now, all I can think is, great, those nano-things have started to cause nerve damage after a couple years. Within ten minutes, everything's fine, and I know I should stop worrying about it, but who knows the long-term effects of this stuff? There's no reason to think I won't be in a wheelchair by the time I'm forty, or thirty-five, or ten, or however you want to reckon my age. After all, those nanos are still attached to my nerve cells - that's why they can tell how long it's been since someone has done the ol' switcheroo; they enter the bloodstream as they "fall off" the brain. Having a bunch of itty-bitty machines attached to one's central nervous system can't be healthy.

I suppose you could just pass it off as Robotulism...
"Having a bunch of itty-bitty machines attached to one's central nervous system can't be healthy."

Depends on the programming - they could end up saving (or pro-longing) your life.
Yeah, I'm sure Christopher Reeve would have given everything he had to have those itty-bitty machines if they'd allowed him to walk again.

Wonder why your white blood cells haven't gone crazy attacking the machines.
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