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Tuesday, July 19, 2005
The terrible twos
So, I guess today is my second birthday, meaning that in 2019 I'll hit the age of consent and in 2024 I'll be able to legally drink.

I kid, obviously. Maybe it's because I've just gotten back from vacation, so I'm ready to be a little less frivolous for a week or two, or that having three birthdays a year has sort of sapped them of their specialness, but I'd be OK if this one went relatively unobserved. I'm not planning any big revelations this year, and since I've been out of the loop for the last week or two, I don't know if any of my friends came up with anything. Certainly, I haven't gotten any phone calls telling me to be anywhere in particular tonight.

So, anyway, a little more about my vacation. Another thing I didn't want to write on Chet's laptop was how little I was getting laid. I mean, hey, no place we have to be the next day, the city open (and serving drinks) much later than Boston, no Christian roommate to frown at you when you come out in the morning. If I were still Martin, I'd have been all over me.

It's partly my own fault; we both crashed early on Thursday (we wore ourselves out walking around the city between our 8am arrival and our 2pm check-in time), and I seriously overbooked us on movies during the first weekend - like, five a day, last one getting out at two. But, by Sunday night, come on! It's not even about me, personally, being desirable; I just figure that when you set a week aside to having fun, you might want to have some fun, right?

So, if you got boobs like you do at two, what's it gonna be like when you turn 11 or 12, and hit puberty?

- Z
Hey, I had all this at birth.
And immediately started having body-image problems, though not the way most women do!
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