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Tuesday, July 26, 2005
I was in the living room watching the ballgame, but I had to leave because I was afraid of replays. It's no fun watching someone get a nasty concussion.

Speaking of not being all there mentally (to make an awkward segue), no, I haven't been sleeping off a massive hangover since my birthday party. Sounds nice, doesn't? No, Chet and I just went out to dinner and came home early; had to work the next day, right? The big do was on the weekend. One of the local theaters has a space for kids' birthday parties, so she and Carter booked that, invited Jen & Carlos, Kurt & Denise, Wei & Jim, Mags & Her Boyfriend Whose Name I Cannot Remember, and Maureen & Anna. And me & Chet, of course. Fourteen adults is probably more than that room was supposed to hold, especially with cake and ice cream and presents. Silly ones, since Kate was going with the "Marti is two years old" theme, but we all had fun, then went to see Fantastic Four, where we had a little less fun.

I mean, it's not a bad movie, but they focused way too much on the relationship/soap opera angle, and not enough of the "fantastic". Not just meaning good, but imaginitive - you know, the reason why the word is derived from "fantasy". I mean, showing Reed stretch his arms to get toilet paper from the next stall? How mundane can you get?

So, anyway, my movie palate needed a cleansing, so Kate and I hit the Harvard Film Archive for a double feature of Hitchcock's Sabotage and Ridley Scott's The Duelists (the link being that both are based upon books by Josphn Conrad). Glad to see they didn't cancel it because it involved a London bus bombing.

Anyway, afterward, we sat down outside the Carpenter Center and talked. She brought something up, which I don't really want to get into here, because I'm a little more wary about writing stuff here before talking it over with people In Real Life, so to speak. It's one of those silly things that seems absurd on the face of it, but after a little bit more thought, is disturbingly plausible.

But just plausible, not likely. I figure on being able to post about how silly it is by the end of the week.

See... now, I just really want to know.
Uh oh... I think I have an idea... we'll have to wait and see, when Marti's ready.
Nah... could be any of too many things - I don't even want to try to guess... but I can't wait to know.
Good movie, The Duelists. Sadly obscure.
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