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Wednesday, July 06, 2005
I used to be able to travel with one suitcase
Kate doesn't see what I'm whining about, but I remember what it's like to go on vacation for a week or two and just have one small suitcase - a couple pairs of pants, a couple pairs of shorts, some shirts, and you're golden. If you knew you were going to go to a fancy restaurant or something, maybe a garment bag.

But, tomorrow, I'm flying north with Chet, and although we can share a carry-on bag with both our books and his laptop and stuff, I had to borrow a second bag from Kate because along with clothes, I'm bringing a couple pairs of shoes, and, of course, "products". And, yeah, I'm wondering when I became that girl. I mean, we're going to see movies, and sure there will be after parties, but one little black dress should be good for that. But, no, somehow I want two or three, and I've got sandals and two pairs of heels along with the sneakers I'm wearing tomorrow morning. Gads, what's wrong with me, huh?

Chet teases me about it, figures that I of all girls should know how to travel light, and Kate backs me up by saying she'd need a third bag and she's smaller than I am. And, besides, he can't mock my travel plans; he bought tickets for a 7am flight to Canada, which means we have to be there at five (before the T starts running), and arrive at 8:30 or so, even though we won't be able to check into our hotel until 11am.

I'm excited, though - it's been a while since my last real vacation (all my life, you might say), and there's going to be nifty movies. I might be very tempted to find a bar in which to watch the All-Star Game on Tuesday, especially with it being Jeter-free. Tim McCarver may have to fight back tears.

Enjoy Montreal! Apart from the faux-Frenchness, it's a blast. And have fun with all that luggage. Such a girl. ;)
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